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Egyptian TV aired an interview with the Arab League’s deputy director in which he vociferously decried Iranian influence in Iraq. The Egyptian-Saudi bloc seems genuinely to be at odds with Shiite Iran.

If only Israel had a decent political leader, we would let Iran build nuclear bombs and help it use them against our Sunni enemies. Israelis tend to forget that our only existential military danger comes from Egypt, and we should love the idea of Iran nuking it.

The corrupt Transportation Ministry ardently defends the Egged bus company monopoly in its dispute with the Haredi population of Jerusalem Mea Shearim neighborhood. The ultra-Orthodox Jews kept asking Egged to defer to their sensitivities and run sex-segregated bus lines through religious neighborhoods to the Western Wall. For no other reason than arrogance Egged refused, and the haredim launched their own unlicensed bus line.

Most people might detest sex segregation, but there is no reason to bar ultra-Orthodox Jews from living according to their standard of chastity.

Hamas MPs, Izz ad Din Kassam militants, and other jailed terrorist leaders met in Israel’s Ketziot prison to discuss their exchange for Gilad Shalit.

The meeting was not unique: Israel generally allows terrorist conclaves in her jails. Terrorist leaders even command their troops by phone directly from their cells.

The evil Israeli government has, however, refused them a conference room.

In 2003, we were a lonely voice among Jewish conservatives against the American adventure in Iraq. Anyone could see that the invasion was bound to produce criminal anarchy, foment Shia-Sunni-Kurdish unrest, and create terrorist nests in that Frankenstein of a state.

US senators authorized the war without even bothering to read the CIA brief; only seven out of the 100 authorized officials read the report which, we now know, confirmed our views.

In six years, the death toll exceeded a million Iraqis. As terrorist operations gain momentum, the toll will exceed the 1.5 million deaths the United States caused in Afghanistan when it sponsored the mujahedeen in the 1980s.

Nevertheless, the US Administration presumes to lecture Israel on our morality toward our Arab enemies.

The Arabs were blown to pieces in Gaza’s Zaitun neighborhood. Though the Palestinians claim they were killed by Israeli ammunition, that’s unlikely as the UN collected all the dead ammo long ago—and Hamas stole it from the UN warehouse.

More likely, the kids were playing with explosives, which is the Palestinian national sport.

Jerusalem Arabs hurled stones at municipal inspectors who were investigating a major case of industrial littering in their village. The inspectors managed to escape lynching.

Realizing that they have little chance of winning their battle with Netanyahu’s government for a 1:1,400 prisoner exchange, the Shalit demonstrators injected some sense into their tactics and tried blocking Palestinian visitors from HaSharon prison.

It is incredible that Israel provides virtually unrestricted visitation for thousands of terrorists in her jail while even the Red Cross is denied permission to visit Shalit. Realistically, Hamas cannot allow the visitation for fear of revealing Shalit’s location. Our guess is that he’s being held in Egypt, as Gaza is too small to keep the location secret for three years.

Physicians for Human Rights issued another scathing report, this time accusing Israel of firing at ambulances and preventing evacuation during the Gaza war.

And just how are we supposed to tell the difference between true ambulances and those transporting Hamas fighters? The PHR avoided the proper conclusion: Hamas violated international law by transporting non-uniformed guerrillas under the protectionof the red cross, and Israel had to react.

TNTIn a clear sign of their peaceful intentions, Palestinians waited to smuggle the mammoth shipment of explosives into Gaza. The Egyptians intercepted the cargo.

Shas joined Netanyahu’s government in return for the Interior and Housing ministries, as well as some second-rate portfolios. An incompetent Interior Minister is perhaps better than a leftist one, since the job is done by mid-level bureaucracy anyway. Housing allocations to jobless Sephardis are wrong, but it’s okay to give them to Haredim—at least, they would produce more Jewish children.

The “Torah sages” are ignoring Rambam’s vehement opposition to the merging of religion and state. He has upheld secularism as the only way to prevent the corruption of the religious establishment.

Arab bulldozer driverAfter the third bulldozer terrorist attack in Jerusalem, police finally took notice. Earlier counter-measures had involved checking driver licenses—which all three terrorists had—and similarly silly measures.

Now policemen on the scene of a terrorist attack are authorized to shoot the Arab drivers. In Jerusalem, police accompany just about every bulldozer out here.

The trouble is, there’s also been a BMW terrorist recently. Will the police have to escort every Arab car, or can we just expel them all?

Sheikh Raed SalahRaed Salah allegedly assaulted policemen during the banned Palestinian cultural festival in Jerusalem. His arrest is unimportant: even Netanyahu wouldn’t dare to jail the maverick sheikh.

Salah’s arrest on trumped-up charges underscores the government’s failure to deal properly with the major anti-Israeli inciter among local Arabs. Salah, the head of the Hamas-affiliated Islamic Movement, openly incites his followers to kill Jews, urging them to liberate all of Palestine. Had an Israeli Jew said something like that about the Arabs, he would have been thrown in jail for years for incitement. But Arabs are free from prosecution despite the fact that incitement of Arabs is much more likely to cause violence than incitement of Jews.

human shieldsUN human rights activists have issued yet another report condemning Israeli self-defense. This time, they dug out a case when IDF troops marched a Palestinian teen before them as a human shield.

What’s wrong with that tactic? Presumably, Hamas wouldn’t shoot at the boy, so everyone appears to be better off: the soldiers and the boy were safe. If Hamas had shot the teen, that would have been an intra-Palestinian problem.

The prohibition of human shields was developed for legitimate military operations in which both sides are legally entitled to fire at each other. Israeli reprisals against terrorists do not qualify Hamas as a legitimate combatant who is free to shoot; thus human shields are entirely legal—Hamas has no right to shoot at them.

Sixty years ago, the British extensively used Arabs as human shields in the same area. The UN pays no attention to Hamas’ use of human shields.

An ultra-left J Street American Jewish organization has published a poll which is intended to hurt Lieberman. The poll indicates that 69 percent of respondents oppose his programs. This leaves a third of American Jews who identify with the right-wing party—twice its Israeli constituency.

In reality, the support is much higher because the poll’s wording made many respondents uncomfortable with expressing their support for Lieberman, and many of them knew very little about him.

Likud and Yisrael Beitenu seek to allow absentee voting on the presumption that Diaspora Jews lean to the right.

MK Shelly Yacimovitch, a leftist activist, is set to testify that Katsav’s “victim” told her several years ago about his sexual crimes. We’re to believe that Yacimovitch refrained from publicizing the explosive allegations and did not complain to the police, or even at least leak the story.

Umm al FahmResidents of the Israeli Arab town of Umm al Fahm vowed to stop Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National Front from marching in that Israeli town with Israeli flags: the sight of the flags is too much for our “loyal” Arab citizens.

The Arab mob shouted slogans accusing Baruch of terrorism (we thought it was the Arab occupation) and promising to bury him on arrival (which, evidently, is not terrorism). The town’s mayor and Arab MKs, all of them on the Israeli payroll, led the mob.

Despite the court orders, police can still cancel the march on public security grounds. Major clashes are unlikely due to the number of police involved, but the Arabs can still block the march.

To somewhat pacify the Arabs, the government approved today hundreds of illegal housing units they have built on public land. Similar approval for Jewish houses in Smaller Israel is unimaginable: they are razed immediately if built without permits.