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Galilee Freedom Battalions left an explosive-laden car in the parking lot near Lev Hamifratz in Haifa. Due to the faulty construction, only a small portion of the explosives detonated.

The Battalions recently ambushed and killed two traffic policemen in the Jordan Valley, and also claimed responsibility for the latest bulldozer attack in Jerusalem.

They justify the bombing as a proper response to the court-ordered house demolitions in East Jerusalem. Earlier attacks came in response to the Israeli operation in Gaza. The Battalions seek to liberate Galilee, which is densely populated by Arabs, from Zionists.

It is impossible to fight grassroots Arab terrorism. Expelling them altogether is the only solution.

The horse-mounted relatives of a drug dealer tried to run policemen over when they came to arrest him. The arrest was carried out by the ultra-tough Border Police despite the fact that Lod is nominally a normal Israeli town well within the Green Line, close to Ben Gurion airport.

Lod’s Arab parts are off-limits to Jews, and police enter it only in armored cars. The city’s main square is nicknamed “Gaza” in recognition of the up to 20,000 illegal migrants from Gaza living there. The Arabs don’t pay for water, and the municipality continuously raises water prices so that law-abiding Jews are forced to cover the cost.

Days after Fatah’s chief terrorist Dahlan called upon Hamas never to recognize Israel, Abbas joined the fray. He has no choice: in order to compete with Hamas in elections and popularity, he has to prove himself no less militant.

Speaking to a Muslim mob in Beit Lehem, Abbas vowed to expel Jews from Jerusalem and “all Palestinian lands.” The terrorist scum also denounced “Israeli apartheid” (welfare payments to hundreds of thousands of Israeli Arabs?) and the separation wall (Jews cannot isolate themselves from Arab migrants and terrorists).

Jordan and Syria issued a joint communique declaring that regional peace will only be possible after Israel leaves all Arab lands (including Galilee, Jaffa, and the Negev).

Fearing the radicalization of its own Islamic constituency, Egypt is frantically issuing calls on all sides to calm down and return to the failed two-state solution (twenty-two Arab states, including two Palestinian ones—Jordan and the PA—and a Jewish statelet saturated with Arabs).

Olmert slammed “irresponsible politicians” (meaning his arch-enemy Ehud Barak) who join the right-wing government, which “does not recognize” a two-state solution.

Never mind that a twenty-third Arab state alongside Israel would solve nothing. Never mind that not only Netanyahu, but even Lieberman, has professed his full support for abandoning Jewish land to our Arab enemies.

Olmert’s funniest line was when he lambasted Netanyahu’s fake rejection because it would result in Israel’s international isolation. No praise could be greater for a Jew: we can sing praises to Netanyahu if succeeds in making us “a people that dwells alone and is not counted among the nations.” Israel’s isolation is a major component of the advent of the messiah.

Mashaal rejected half-hearted Western calls to recognize Israel, saying reasonably that no such preconditions are demanded of Syria.

We can add that the Peres-Beilin clique put no similar demands on the PLO. Arafat only recognized (oh, thank you) Israel years after the negotiations started.

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai declared that Israel must recapture the areas of Gaza from which the Arabs fire rockets at us.

Sounds good? Sounds stupid. Grad-type and Kassam-4 rockets can be fired from practically any place in Gaza. Are we going to recapture the entire Strip and make our soldiers walking targets for Hamas snipers? Or are we going to recapture isolated patches, so that an IDF detachment would be placed on every patch of land from which a rocket has been fired?

The only solution to rocket fire is to expel all of Gaza’s population into Egypt and take over the empty place.

IDF launched a major campaign among the troops to induce teens to sign organ donation cards. At the thankfully low current level of fatalities, the campaign results are not worth the paperwork.

There is a considerable religious controversy about donor cards because Jewish law only allows organ donation (corpse mutilation) for a specific and immediate transplantation to another Jew; no organ banks.

In a sign of reconciliation with his right-wing coalition partners, Barak informed the Supreme Court that the army won’t evict Jews from the notorious Ofra outpost. Barak cited a technicality in the court’s order, which warns the government against populating the buildings but does not require their depopulation.

What is the Supreme Court’s business with a few shacks outside Small Israel’s borders? Separation of branches means the government manages foreign and military matters, and the courts stay out.

The Russian FM nevertheless called on the West to negotiate with Iran over its (non-existent?) nuclear weapons program.

The Russians are cynically sensible: their influence over Iran is near zero, but they need Iran badly, both for regional influence and to form the natural gas cartel.