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Just as we predicted yesterday, Iran flatly rejected Obama’s call for reconciliation, and precisely on the grounds we discussed.

Speaking at a rally, Ayatollah Khamenei posed a rhetorical question: how could Iran reconcile with America when the latter accuses it of terrorism and developing nuclear weapons?

The ayatollah talks common sense: there is nothing to discuss, indeed.

PLO flags on the Temple MountPolice barred Arab students from entering Haram ash Sharif compound with PLO flags as part of Fatah’s attempt to paint Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

In fact, Al Aqsa on the Temple Mount is a much greater offense to Jewishness than the mascots of some Palestinian gang.

The unusually harsh police response was provoked by Public Security Minister Dichter’s capitulation to Hamas: a few days ago, at the government meeting to discuss the Shalit “exchange,” Dichter agreed to release 375 Jew-murderers; for two years, he has vowed to release no more than twenty-five of those criminals. The minister feels himself raped as Moshe Katsav’s Aleph, and vents his feelings on Fatah.

Hamas leader Mashaal threatened to kidnap more IDF soldiers to force the release of Hamas members, just as two years ago his group kidnapped Shalit to force Israel to open Gaza’s borders.

The only problem with this threat is that Hamas didn’t kidnap Shalit. The operation was carried out by Dughmush clan criminals and some loose terrorists.

Mashaal confirmed a long-disputed quote by Nasrallah, who allegedly remarked that he would not have kidnapped two IDF soldiers in 2006 had he known the extent to which Israel would retaliate against Lebanon. Here an enemy has testified to the great effectiveness of Olmert’s war, which most Israelis criticize.

Masorti chief rabbi“Rabbi” Andy Sacks, director of Masorti Rabbinical Assembly in Israel, lambasted the civil unions compromise as insufficient. Sacks demands an arrangement that would allow “fully integrated” non-Jews to marry Jews in Israel.