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Netanyahu’s coalition leaves his fellow Likudniks without a single major portfolio: the Finance is taken by Bibi himself (would a prime minister have time to manage another ministry?). The Foreign Ministry is taken by Lieberman, and Defense by Barak.

If Likud MKs are so useless, why include them on the list? Because Bibi chose those who pose no threat to his leadership.

In terms of strategic vision, Moshe Yaalon would have made a better defense minister than Barak. In any event, the Defense Minister has very little influence on army matters, which are mostly controlled by the Chief of Staff.

The formation of a coalition with Avodah requires Netanyahu to expel the right-wing National Union from his government, which is the only fitting move for Bibi now that he has done away with Moshe Feiglin.

On the occasion of the Nowruz festival, Obama addressed the Iranians. He professed great respect for their leaders and similar nonsense.

The clown called upon the Iranian leadership to stop making threats. In fact, Iran had never threatened anyone. Ahmadinejad merely quoted Ayatollah Khomeini’s famous line that the Zionist state will eventually vanish from the book of time, which was widely mistranslated as “wiped off the map,” and Iranian leaders threaten military reprisal only in the event they are attacked.

Obama urged the Iranians to denounce terror. In their view, Hezbollah and Hamas are freedom fighters like with Mujaheddin, whom the Americans supported in Afghanistan.

Previously, Iranian leaders have named their preconditions for talks: a wholesale apology for the harm America has done to all Muslim people, withdrawl of support for Israel, and acceptance of Iran’s nuclear program.

If Avodah receives more than three ministerial portfolios, Yisrael Beitenu will ask for additions to its already mammoth list of portfolio acquisitions.

Lieberman is trying to bind Netanyahu’s hands in negotiations with Avodah because Livni wants Avodah to join her in the opposition so that together they can create a meaningful bloc. Lieberman is obligated to Livni for the massive support he received from Kadima during the elections, enabling him to woo his voters from Likud so that Livni could beat Netanyahu.

An Arab laborer raped an eighty-two-year-old woman in Sderot.

The British Consul-General in Israel and his peers from various EU countries issued a secret report accusing Israel, as usual, of “illegal construction” in the Jewish capital, refusing citizenship to the Arab fifth column, and similar crimes.

What is unusual, however, is that the report was authored by diplomatic representatives accredited in Israel. Such a blatant intrusion into our domestic affairs is just cause for declaring them personae non grata and expelling them. Israeli Foreign Ministry, as usual, keeps silent.

The Arab who attempted to poison Jews in Ramat Gan pizzeria was sentenced to just six years. Dozens of Jews narrowly escaped a painful death, but he is deemed “without blood on his hands,” and will be released in a prisoner exchange after serving a third of his term, less than two years from now.

Next time you buy a pizza from a nice Israeli Arab, be careful. Is that a racist generalization? Not until someone shows us a Jewish terrorist in Ramat Gan.

Ever since the Oslo Accords were signed, both Israel and Fatah have disregarded them. Fatah continued its terrorism and incitement, and Jews continued to fight back.

Fatah violated the Jerusalem status quo agreement by planning a “cultural festival” this Shabbat. The Oslo Accords ban any events in Jerusalem under Fatah or PLO banners. Two decades ago, even the ultra-left Israeli proponents of the Oslo Accords did not imagine what seems normal now—Fatah flags in the Jewish capital.

Police banned the event.

Predictably, Austria has refused to prosecute Nazi war criminal Joseph Kumpf because he was younger than twenty when he served in the death camps, and thus protected by the statute of limitations.

That legal problem was clear when the United States extradited their eighty-five-year-old accused citizen.

Mossad abandoned hunting Nazis forty years ago, but now that Joseph Kumpf is walking freely in Austria, a sitting duck target, cannot the security service spare a few bullets for him?