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Anti-Zionist Satmar Jews arranged visas and spent $800,000 to bring 110 Yemeni Jews to the United States after a Yemeni court acquitted a rabbi’s murderer. The emigration leaves fewer than 200 Jews in Yemen; their 2,800-year-old community has been extinguished.

On the surface, the Satmars appear to be wrong: Jews must move to Israel, not from one Diaspora to another. But the Satmar movement has a point: the Israeli government committed atrocities on the Yemeni immigrants. Children were torn from their parents and forcibly educated in socialist atheism. The noble, highly religious, law-abiding Yemeni community has been turned into a criminal class of slum dwellers. Rabbi Uzi Meshulam was jailed when he demanded that the government open the graves of the allegedly dead Yemeni children who, according to many accounts, were sold to childless Ashkenazi families.

Satmar Jews brought many Yemeni Jewish children to America, and are nurturing them carefully in Jewish religious traditions.

The court ruled in favor of demolishing the first bulldozer-terrorist’s house, despite his family’s objections that they have nothing to do with his actions. The decision states sensibly that the damage to the family is negligible compared to the potential deterrent effect on would-be terrorists.

The court’s decision is a fraud. The demolition is purely an act of vengeance—righteous vengeance. The deterrent effect is zero because Arab charities will immediately buy the terrorist’s family a new better house.

The court is treating Israeli Arab residents as enemies at war. Even by theoretical wartime standards, house demolitions are a crime. It is good to see the Israeli Supreme Court rejecting the Hague’s nonsense law as impractical, but now can the judges apply the same logic to permit IDF to use Arabs as human shields, and perhaps to expel the fifth column altogether?

The West Bank Arabs pollute madly; by dumping untreated waste into the Yarkon River, they have made the water undrinkable. The politically correct Israeli government kept silent, but Jordanians protested because they can no longer plunder our water. So the government decided to be still more politically correct and reimburse Jordan for the water from Lake Kineret.

Despite the drought, Israel supplies Jordan 40 percent more water than we have to according to the peace accords.

In just those words tonight a Hamas spokesman characterized the IDF operation in which ten senior Hamas members, including four parliament members, were arrested.

Like the Supreme Court yesterday, IDF resorted to collective punishment: the Hamas officials were seized to be used as bargaining chips in Shalit’s exchange. The Israeli government is bent on releasing only 1,390 terrorists, instead of the 1,400 demanded by Hamas.

The arrests are unlikely to weaken Hamas or prompt it to reduce its demands, as Israel has detained similar officials before and Hamas did not budge.

Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in Gaza complained of two of its members having been killed in an Israeli air strike last night. It is indeed odd for Israel to kill the terrorists to whom she pays salaries through tax transfers to Fatah.

IDF, however, refused to accept responsibility for the attacks. Unless the Arabs blew themselves with their own explosives, as happens once in a while, it seems that the army has returned to the tactics of terrorizing the terrorists through anonymous strikes.

As its patron’s name suggests, the academy’s full of ultra-left nuts. A month after the Gaza operation, they collected fake testimonies from IDF soldiers on their conduct in Gaza, and the Israeli media now revel in the alleged atrocities.

Some of the report’s absurdities include the soldiers deliberately herding Palestinian civilians into IAF’s open-fire zones, snipers shooting Palestinian children with their mothers, and troops throwing out furniture and fridges from the occupied houses (just imagine tired soldiers working out at night by throwing fridges through windows).

Instead of discharging the involved academy’s personnel for treason, Barak promised to thoroughly investigate the allegations.

After months of court battles, Baruch Marzel’s Jewish National Front Party finally got approval for a march in the Israeli Arab town Umm al Fahm. Slogans, banners? None. Marzel will only march with Israeli flags.

Still, the very sight of a Jew is so offensive to Israeli Arab citizens that thousands of police will guard the march.

Despite his promise just two weeks ago to stay in the opposition, Barak accepted the Defense portfolio in Bibi’s government. Labor is expected to approve.

Barak and Bibi together are worse than either one of them alone. Their experience in Sayeret Matkal, Israel’s top commando unit, predisposed them to tunnel vision. Barak is a great tactician but a failed strategist, and Netanyahu is neither of those things.

Barak was the major voice in Olmert’s government against attacking Iran, Syria, and Gaza—though he planned and executed the last two operations with incredible success. Bibi is much less likely than Olmert to break Barak’s opposition on military matters.

Netanyahu desperately needs the left-wing Barak in order to make his right-wing government acceptable to our European and American puppeteers. Due to Labor’s internal deliberations, Barak might join the government after it is formed, and replace the interim Defense Minister.

Heavily criticized for its massive and inept anti-crisis spending, the Obama Administration decided to cover its tracks. The new $750 billion subsidy is structured as an inconspicuous free-market operation by the Treasury. The state will purchase mortgage-backed shares, which are theoretically sound financial instruments, to inject mammoth liquidity into the markets.

In reality, MBSs are worthless because the underlying mortgages cannot be repaid. So it’s just a $750 billion subsidy that will end up in the major investors’ coffers. US markets have no shortage of cash: rather, lenders have been unwilling to provide credit since the economy took a nose dive.

Worse, the state will pay twice: once for the MBSs and then again through Fannie and Freddie, to cover the losses from the underlying defaulting mortgages.

Damascus-based Hamas officials plan to attend high-level meetings in Europe after scores of EU parliamentarians visited them in Syria.

If the Netanyahu government had any guts left, it would jump on the opportunity to shoot them off during the trip.

After hapless ex-president Moshe Katsav conducted a hysterical press conference in which he correctly accused the prosecution and media of a witch-hunt against him, the prosecution leaked the text of the indictment, which reads like the Kama Sutra.

There is little doubt that Katsav is relatively innocent: that is, he certainly had sex with his office workers, which is widespread among the Israeli bureaucracy, but there was nothing like rape. It is absurd to imagine that his office assistant continued working for him after being raped. The prosecution also ignored the near-certain fact that the alleged victim blackmailed the president.

Still, Katsav will have great trouble clearing himself of the charges of rape and sexual harassment. This is how Shimon Peres took revenge for Katsav beating him in the presidential elections.

The UN Human Rights Council is a viciously anti-Semitic institution controlled by Muslims. Almost all of UNHRC’s resolutions condemn Israel; scarce attention has been paid to other atrocious regimes worldwide.

A sensible person would have expected Israel to at least ignore the anti-Semites. But the Israeli UN ambassador is different. He graciously promised the UNHRC mob that we would improve conditions for jailed Palestinian terrorists and Israeli Arabs.

The government now works to substantially worsen the resort-like jail conditions for the terrorists, and one is hard pressed to imagine how we can improve the treatment of Israeli Arab enemies who pay no taxes, don’t serve in IDF, and are not prosecuted for crimes and riots.

Shortly after IAF bombed Syria’s nuclear reactor, Olmert promised that one day, when the details were revealed, the public would be shocked. He was right.

Days before leaving the office, Olmert apparently authorized a leak to German magazine Neue Zuercher Zeitung. According to the report, Mossad and CIA did not even suspect the Syrian nuclear program. Iranian turncoat general Ali Reza Ashari told the Americans of the Iranian-funded reactor in Syria just months before the reactor would have become operative. It took Israel months to verify the information and launch a commando raid. If not for Ashari, Syria would have owned a plutonium bomb by now.

A detail from us: despite the clear and present danger, Ehud Barak only agreed to attack the reactor after the Americans intercepted a North Korean ship with uranium rods bound for Syria.

Weeks ago, Iran had already loaded its plutonium-producing Bushehr reactor with Russian uranium rods. Syria poses as Israeli peace partner.

The Israeli Civil Administration finally cracked down on Palestinian farmers and other criminals who laid down an elaborate pipe network in Hebron Hills for stealing water. The Administration estimates conservatively that Palestinians stole “millions cubic meters” of water.

Crazy Jews supply the Palestinians 2˝ times the agreed-upon water quota, despite the severe drought.