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Syrian dictator Assad confirmed that during the negotiations in Turkey Olmert refused to budge on Syrian occupation of Lake Kineret.

The problem is that the Syrians want not only the Golan Heightsówhich we rightly annexed after winning the three wars they launched against usóbut also a small area beyond the international border, which they occupied in 1948, during the War of Independence, when we were weak. That small area “incidentally” touches the shore of Lake Kineret, which would give Syria water rights to half of our only significant aquifer.

Muhammad Dahlan has let out an open secret: Fatah does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

In the years since the Oslo Accords, Israeli leftists and Fatah terrorists have played a game with the Western public: Arafat, and Abbas after him recognized Israel (as if we need the thugs’ recognition)óbut on behalf of the PLO rather than Fatah.
The PLO is a discredited, amorphous umbrella organization for Palestinian terrorists. Fatah, the actual political party, has never recognized Israel.

Dahlan is Abbas’ likely successor in next year’s elections. He is an Israeli and American darling, commissioned two years ago to overthrow Hamas in Gaza. This was the plan that prompted Hamas to preempt and oust Fatah.

Dahlan ended his two-year personal feud with Hamas by calling on them to follow Fatah’s lead in never recognizing Israel.

Fatah is becoming increasingly militant in order to compete with Hamas for votes.

Netanyahu opposes Shas’ very reasonable coalition demands:

- increasing the budget for yeshivas (currently religious Jewish children receive less than half the per-capita financing allocated to their atheist compatriots).
- allowing construction in the settlements to accommodate the growing haredi population. Also, state subsidies for haredi construction. And why is investing in useless railroads, pushed for by the Bank of Israel, any better as an anti-crisis measure than building houses?
- portfolio of deputy Education Minister in charge of religious education (it is only right for a religious party to control religious education).

The government decided to exert pressure on Hamas by cracking own on jailed terrorists. The effort is pathetic.
International human rights groups would protest less-than-humane treatment of Jew-murderers. Israel’s own Supreme Court would certainly concur with the anti-Semites.
Hamas does not care about the worsening conditions. It has already announced that it can wait another year for the exchange, and it is no problem for their fellow terrorists to stay in jail.

The jailed terrorists have been kept in much better conditions than Israeli criminals, and incredibly better than those endured by Yigal Amir, the Bat Ayin underground, and other Jewish terrorists.

Jailed terrorists have satellite TV in their cells, newspapers, cell phones, virtually unlimited family visits, and are allowed media interviews (a privilege refused to Amir). They study free at Israeli universities (normal students pay) and receive free high-end medical treatment. Each terrorist receives $300 a month pocket money from the Jewish state he does not recognize. Terrorist leaders continue to operate their groups over the phone straight from their cells.
This madness is supported by Israeli leftist establishment, which nurtures terrorists to prop Peres and Beilin’s idea of bringing the Jewish state under Arab jurisdiction.

Under pressure from right-wingers who support Ariel University (because it is located in the territories), the Education Ministry approved its diplomas for social work and dietology.

Neither of these two professions or fake sciences actually requires four-year studies. Like many other programs in various universities, they are a waste of time and government funds.