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Terrorists in Jordan Valley shot two Israeli cops who arrived to help them with fake traffic accident. Both Tanzim and Mughniye Brigades claimed responsibility, which is plausible due to cross-membership.
Shimon Peres is mulling the pardon of jailed Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti. Mughniye Brigades are better known as the Free Galilee Brigades. While Israeli peaceniks seek to soothe the Palestinians with Judea and Samaria, the Arabs have already claimed Galilee.

As Livni remains firm in her demand for a rotation government, Netanyahu has formally delivered the Foreign Ministry to Lieberman. Lieberman also received another major ministry, public security, which might help him to have his criminal case closed. Both Netanyahu and the leftists are ignoring the clear conflict of interest.

What major portfolios, then, can Netanyahu can offer Livni? He agreed to the crazy rotation scheme. It seems that Foreign Ministry is still up for grabs.

Netanyahu offered Livni the chance to head the Israeli negotiation team at the talks with the Palestinians. The post is offensively insignificant, but why is the right-wing Netanyahu conceding negotiations of national importance to his left-wing opponent?

Egypt upped its pressure on Iran by creating a Salafist Sunni terrorist group in Gaza—Al Tawhid Brigades whose sole purpose is fighting Iranian influence in Gaza.

Confirming our expectations that the Egyptian-Saudi-Syrian meeting was about Iran, Iran’s FM visited Saudi Arabia—and was told harshly that his Persian state should stay out of intra-Arab affairs.

We guess that Egypt and the Saudis are ready to accept Iran’s nukes in return for it’s pulling out of Lebanon and Gaza. Since Iran is likely to refuse, the Sunnis would then have a legitimate reason for escalation.

Olmert’s government has agreed to release 150 terrorists with “blood on their hands” in exchange for Corporal Shalit. That’s besides the 1,050 trash prisoners and 300 terrorists arrested before they committed their attacks.

Forget the Christian babies allegedly killed for matzot, now the government is spilling Jewish blood.

Jonathan Har and his homosexual partner “conceived” a baby with the help of a surrogate mother in India. In a ground-breaking decision, Israeli national insurance will pay the homosexuals for maternal (or is it paternal?) leave.

Police have found the Jew who spit and left graffiti on Rabin’s memorial. Israeli media are ignoring the most important fact about the incident: police found the man within two days, thanks to the camera recording. So the efficient operation of face-recognition technology is only possible if the government maintains a face-structure database on all Israelis.

Instead of the traditional charges of “destroying state’s property,” police took an innovative approach and sent the offender for psychiatric testing.
In the Soviet Union, dissidents were commonly jailed in psychiatric hospitals on the presumption that no sane person could dislike communism.

Jews will be barred from praying at the Western Wall for several hours during the Pope’s expected visit to Jerusalem.
Jewish religious law bars the Pope from visiting the Land of Israel, and the presence of the cross-sporting leader of the hostile church in our holy place is offensive to Jews. The Vatican wouldn’t cancel its prayers over, say, an Israeli prime minister’s visit.

The second darling of American diplomats in Iran reportedly has left the presidential race. Mohammed Khatami acquired a reputation for being a moderate, despite being the man behind Iran’s worldwide Shia proselytizing. Unlike Ahmadinejad, Khatami talks nicely and softly, and is thus supported by the American administration. Other than his good manners, Khatami resembles  Ahmadinejad in every way, including his unflinching support for Iranian nukes.

Rafsanjani, another such “moderate,” has withdrawn his election bid.

It’s not easy to say what’s going on in the closed world of Iranian politics, but it seems the ayatollahs have decided to go nuclear and keep Ahmadinejad as a scapegoat, to be replaced after the nuclear debacle is over.

The Hamas and Fatah terrorist groups agreed to hold Palestinian presidential and parliamentary elections in 2010. Never mind that Palestine, not being a state, has neither president nor parliament.

Abbas’ chances for reelection are slim, and in the parliament Hamas would either win the elections or come so close to victory as to receive de facto veto power. If Fatah ends its repression of Hamas members in the West Bank, Hamas would gain still more seats and perhaps oust Fatah by military means before the elections.

Israel’s relatively right-wing government won’t sign capitulation to the Palestinians this year, and hopefully next year Hamas will take power and refuse to accept Israeli capitulation.

AIG paid a third of its $105 billion of government subsidies to three foreign banks: Barclays (Britain), Societe Generale (France), and Deutsche Bank (Germany).

When Americans were less politically correct, their banks and corporations kept defaulting at the expense of foreign investors, thus the locals profited.

Israel receives $1.8 to 2.6 billion in US military aid annually, but imported last year only $1.5 billion. The Pentagon recently forbade Israel to spend aid money on non-military goods, which also suggests that a massive amount of the aid has been misused.

There is a roadblock near Ashkalot that the American administration urges Israel to dismantle. Border police there intercepted a car with Palestinian illegals. After they tried to run over the police, a soldier shot at the criminals. Now the Palestinians are being treated free in an Israeli hospital.

Speaking to the US officials, IDF’s Chief of Staff confirmed our analysis of Iran’s nuclear strategy. For years, media and analysts have warned of Iranian nuclear attacks while we said that such an attack was impossible, but that Iran would provide nuclear guarantees to Syria and Lebanon to attack Israel by low-level conventional means.

For the first time, the Knesset walls heard a forbidden slogan, for the utterance of which many Jews have been arrested on charges of supporting Jewish terrorism. Speaking to the Knesset, the National Union’s MK Ben Ari also declared himself the Rav’s follower.

At the Arab League’s summit in Damascus, the Syrian FM rejected Egyptian and Saudi calls to put brakes on Syria’s military cooperation with Iran, and reiterated Syria’s right to fight Israel.

Negotiations provoke. Now the Syrians will adopt increasingly militant rhetoric in order to get the most out of Israel and Obama.

The Egyptians and Saudis are trying to mediate with Iran through Syria.

After Likud accepted civil marriage for non-Jewish Israelis, Yisrael Beitenu vowed to continue the struggle to provide civil marriage opportunities to 200,000 Jews who wish to live with non-Jewish partners.