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For some hard-to-understand reason, Jewish doctors from Tel Aviv’s Tel HaShomer hospital are trying to resuscitate a foreigner named Tristan Anderson, one of the anarchist activists who attacked Israeli troops at Niilin. Anderson was struck in the head by a tear-gas canister: merciful IDF soldiers fired tear gas rather than bullets.

Tristan receives free treatment from Jews after he sought to undermine our security by damaging the separation wall.

Recently, Obama offered to abandon the ABM installation in Poland in exchange for Russian acquiescence to somewhat stronger sanctions against Iran.

The Russians came up with a better proposal. Their long-range aviation chief announced that Chavez had offered him a Venezuelan island with airstrips for Russian long-range bombers. Instead of giving in to Obama’s threat, the Russians implied a counter-threat: if the United States deploys ABMs in Poland, Russia will reciprocate with strategic nuclear bombers in Venezuela.

Confirming our expectations, the Russian general also spoke of basing strategic bombers in Cuba. The development recalls the Cuban missile crisis, when Russians deployed nuclear missiles there in response to American missiles in Turkey.

Hundreds self-hating Jews joined the “Release Shalit now” rally near Olmert’s residence. Not much by the standards of paid leftist demonstrations, but the media are wildly supporting their cause.

Only self-hatred can explain the demand to release 1,400 hardcore terrorists in exchange for one corporal. The famed Jewish masochism drives these scoundrels to endanger the entire country with no respect for the sensibilities of the victims’ families or for justice. Too many traitors of Jewish origin want Israeli capitulation in the war with the Arabs, and the Shalit exchange would be an extraordinary defeat.

The Shalit exchange would become a huge victory for Hamas, and would discredit Fatah moderates. The exchange would show that Israel only gives in to Islamic terrorism and not to peaceful negotiations.

A Palestinian couple from East Jerusalem went on a sort of shopping spree Saturday morning: they broke into a Jewish clothing store. After police arrived to arrest them, the Arabs tried to run the policemen over. The man was shot, his female accomplice arrested.

Nine Christian countries have decided to end weapons-smuggling into Gaza. Among the absurd measures they vowed to take against Hamas are naval patrols (Israel does that, but most smuggling goes by land) and intelligence sharing (no intel is required—everyone knows the Sinai Bedouin smugglers).

The list of participants suggests that the anti-smuggling measures were indeed meant to be tongue in cheek: Canada (what has Canada to do with Gaza?), Norway (known for anti-Semitic rallies), Denmark (which banned the anti-Muslim movie Fitna), Britain (wholesale support of Arabs), and the Obama administration.

Nasrallah, the head of Lebanon’s strongest government faction, flatly rejected the idea that Hezbollah—and by implication, Lebanon—can ever recognize Israel, and threatened to make us “disappear.”

Britain engaged Hezbollah in talks.

The Egyptian-mediated reconciliation talks ended in a manner quite contrary to expectations. The two terrorist groups did not agree on a unity government, but signed an agreement never to fight each other. Sorry? The US trains Fatah battalions at a cost of $125 million a year for the sole purpose of fighting Hamas terrorists. If Fatah is not going to fight Hamas, then how is Abbas moderate and responsible, and how can we make peace with a thug who tolerates his fellow terrorists?

In short, Hamas and Fatah won’t fight each other, but both groups’ military wings will fight Israel.

On the positive side, the agreement won’t stand, as Hamas needs to topple the Fatah regime.

As Iran’s nuclear program is substantially finished, Ahmadinejad no longer needs to hide his intentions. He blamed Iran’s nuclear program on Western immorality toward the Islamic republic. Though Ahmadinejad stopped short of mentioning the word “military,” clearly peaceful nuclear power is unrelated to one’s immoral treatment.

Livni is ready to join Netanyahu’s coalition, but on funny terms: Bibi serves as prime minister for three years, and then Tzipi serves for the next nineteen months. That way, she would have ample time to erase everything Netanyahu does and abandon Judea to Arabs.

On the positive side, it took Ariel Sharon to expel the Jews from Sinai, and then from Gush Katif. Weaklings like Tzipi or Bibi won’t be able to overcome massive resistance to eviction.

Zionists have arrested a fourteen-year-old Arab kid who hurled stones at Jewish cars near Zichron Yaakov. And just what are we supposed to do with him? After a few months in jail at most he will come out, a hero and a role-model to his friends.

Two other Arabs were arrested with firebombs near the Kalandia checkpoint. They had planned to set Jewish border-policemen on fire.

Who can comprehend an Arab’s mind? In the Israeli Arab town of Sakhnin,  a pupil’s father and uncle bit and scratched his teacher.

In response, the Sakhnin Parent’s Association decided to boycott the local schools.

As happens regrettably all too often, a wayward Israeli girl who works in a Tel Aviv nightclub left with some of the club’s Arab clients. They intoxicated her into unconsciousness and put the Israeli stripper into their car. The girl woke up in the streets of Ramallah. IDF and Palestinian police rescued her within minutes, so she escaped lynching.

A month ago, the assimilationist Israeli media reveled in Haruki Murakami’s decision to accept the Jerusalem prize for literature. The fact of a famous pagan accepting an invitation to visit Jerusalem sent them into euphoria. Especially since Murakami had defied local calls in Japan for boycotting Israel.

After receiving the prize, Murakami published an article condemning Jews for oppressing the poor Palestinians, who somehow enjoy the fastest economic growth rate of all non-oil-producing Arabs. It is especially nice to see this humanistic concern from Japan, whose atrocities sixty years ago would have made the Nazis blush.

Daniel Pipes, a typical politically correct right-winger, offered his arguments against transferring the Arabs out of Israel. Below is our rebuttal.

1. It is morally wrong. Transfer of foreigners cannot be morally wrong by definition because morality is an intra-group phenomenon. Our moral needs conflict with those of the Palestinians. Also, something which is standard cannot be immoral, and population transfers took place many times during the twentieth century.

2. It turns Israelis against their state. A lot of Israelis are against their state, anyway. The Haredim despise the Zionist state. Ultra-leftists despise the Jewish state. Almost everyone, even down to the hardcore leftists despises Arabs, so the transfer is unlikely to exacerbate tensions. On the contrary, in the long-term perspective, the transfer would remove a major reason for Jewish-Arab and right-left divisiveness. Also, why did the government not worry about division when evicting the Gush Katif residents?

3. It infuriates the American ally. The United States cannot afford to rethink its alliance with Israel, its only real ally in the Middle East, a major arms customer, and lobbyist par excellence. President Wilson approved Turkey’s Greek population transfer, and the equally idealistic President Roosevelt approved the forced transfer of twelve million Germans from Eastern Europe.

4. Inflames, not discourages, the Arab enemy. Transfer would end terrorism by Israeli Arabs. Almost all recent terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by Israel’s Arab citizens and residents. They riot continually and have developed into the backbone of Israeli crime. Enmity with foreign Arabs is not a real problem because they are afraid to attack Israel. Other Arabs don’t care about the Palestinians and hate Israel to the utmost, thus the transfer cannot worsen the situation.

The transfer is the only option to sustain a Jewish state. Arabs already constitute 34 percent of Israel’s young and in twenty years will become the largest Knesset faction.

In exchange for relenting on his demand to keep Friedman as Justice Minister, Lieberman got the unimportant Ministry of Absorption. Now look at a line in his book, Nothing but Truth, from the chapter “Elites – unelected power structures.”

“We have many ministries conceived in sin, as a coalition bribe. Thus was invented… the ministry of absorption…”

Controlling the Absorption Ministry, Lieberman is likely to push for the “aliyah by great-grandparents,” which he praises in the same book, in the chapter “State and Religion.” Israel already enjoys 300,000 to 800,000 good Slavs posing as bad Jews.

Lieberman’s 2004 program argues against his own slogan, “No National Service, No National Insurance.” The chapter, “Citizenship Law,” part 2: “Those who refuse National Service would lose the right to elect or be elected. They would, however, retain the right to work, national insurance, and unemployment insurance.”

After the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Omar al Bashir for crimes against humanity in Darfur, Mashaal and other Hamas officials rushed to produce statements of support for the Sudanese president, who is incidentally a linchpin of Iranian arms trafficking into Gaza.

In bringing charges against Bashir, the ICC set a precedent which will work against Israel. Bashir is accused, among other crimes, of forcible transfer of Darfurians. Never mind that President Wilson approved Turkey’s Greek population exchange and that President Roosevelt expelled Germans from Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Israel can facilitate the transfer of Arabs by entirely peaceful and legal means.