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Egyptian president Mubarak rarely leaves his country. Yesterday he suddenly went to Saudi Arabia, where he met Syria’s Assad. Today he flew to Jordan, unannounced. It is rather odd for an Egyptian president to visit such minor countries as Jordan, rather than summoning its princeling to Cairo, as he summons Israeli rulers.

In an interview with Asharq al Awsat, Assad’s adviser announced that Ahmadinejad will attend the regional conference in Sharm esh Sheikh. One possibility is that the Arabs are preparing for an expected Israeli strike on Iran and attempting a last-ditch effort to talk Ahmadinejad out of his nuclear plans. More plausibly, nervous of Obama’s softness and Israeli cowardice in acting against Iran, the Arab countries seek accommodation with the mullahs. In that case, Syria would mediate the talks and greatly increase its diplomatic status.

Globs reports on a scandal in East Jerusalem: local money changer Ali al Kurd ran a Ponzi scheme for seven years. He collected tens of millions of dollars from Hamas and Fatah officials and from Islamic religious leaders, promising them 26 percent annual interest. Al Kurd and his relatives are now in hiding.

The funny thing is, Islam absolutely bans interest, so the cheated Islamists cannot openly claim their losses from the grossly illegal business.

Celebrating the warm weather, 400 ultra-left Israeli activists (an unusually high number) joined hands in inciting the Arabs to hurl stones at Israeli police and construction workers, who are trying to separate our country from the Palestinian-occupied territories with the barrier.

The family of an Arab who feel out of a rescue helicopter after picnicking on a minefield is calling for an investigation, not of the Arab’s stupidity—he is dead anyway—but of the Jews who rescued him.

Thousands of Arabs gathered for his funeral. Another Zionist victim, huh.

A decent Jew wrote somewhat hyperbolically on Rabin’s monument in Tel Aviv, “Yitzhak Rabin = Hitler.” Police are investigating the incident, as if they have no more important business.

The Arab Party Hadash organized a demonstration in the town of Shfaram against the Israeli government’s attempts to induce Arabs to join Shirut Leumi, the alternative to IDF service.

Israeli leftists are increasingly pushing for Arab participation in Shirut Leumi to alleviate public concerns over the gross preference given to Arab citizens: they vote and receive benefits from the state but don’t spend three years in IDF. Shirut Leumi service for Arabs would also allow the left to ban a popular discrimination measure: Jewish businesses often advertise the hiring of IDF veterans to avoid hiring Arab enemies.

Shirut Leumi is mostly a scam to begin with, as very few of its jobs actually benefit society.