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Many analysts were surprised by Lieberman’s selfless support for Justice Minister Friedman, who is not his ally. Now the gambit is clear: Lieberman set Friedman up as a straw man, frightened the leftist establishment, and then offered a compromise. Okay, you don’t want Friedman, let’s get someone else—Landau.

Rather than Friedman, the leftists would accept just about anyone, including Lieberman’s own MK Landau, who of course cannot ethically go on appointing judges while Lieberman is likely to be charged with money laundering.

Netanyahu leaves the dirty work to Olmert’s government: he won’t personally object to the deal to exchange the corporal for 1,400 hardcore terrorists.

Hamas rejected an Egyptian offer to form the Palestinian unity government with nominally independent figures. Hamas’ insistence on direct participation practically blocks the talks because the US Administration cannot work with a government whose senior members, likely including the prime minister, insist on armed struggle against Israel.

The dishonest Arafat renounced violence but condoned it. Hamas is straightforward, and for a reason: Arafat, an Israeli-American puppet, did not need to care about Arab street opinion. Genuinely popular Hamas, on other hand, is not eager to taint its reputation with collaboration.

Hamas, though, can afford moderation. It increasingly moves toward political dialogue while leaving terrorism to PIJ, PRC, and other militants. The absence of a ceasefire in Gaza shows that even if Israel reached an agreement with the Hamas government, terrorist attacks from other groups would continue.

The only solution is to expel the Palestinians.

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates pushed Obama  into a corner by declaring that any US president would be cautious of launching a preemptive strike after the failure to find WMD in Iraq.

Gates implied that just as there were no WMDs in Iraq, so there is no military nuclear program in Iran. The parallel is not only wrong about Iran, but Iraq as well: US troops removed massive quantities of low-enriched uranium from Iraq, selling them to a nuclear power generator in Canada.

Gates, a former CFR member and holdover from George Bush’s administration, staunchly opposes attacking Iran.

Arabs from the Wadi Ara, unemployed and living happily on Israeli subsidies, decided to have a picnic on a weekday. Having a problem reading clear warning signs, the three Arabs ventured onto a minefield where, naturally enough, one of them soon lost a foot. The other two abandoned their bleeding friend.

An army helicopter picked the Arab from the minefield, but he fell out of the chopper.

Taking a job would have kept the fellow alive.

The only two right-wing parties are demanding Education and Construction portfolios. If they succeed, the victory would be tremendous: an open road to settlement construction and overhaul of the ultra-left education system.

Netanyahu can reject their ultimatum and work to bring Avodah or Kadima into the coalition. Then the right-wingers would sit in opposition and watch the peace process unfold.

Months ago, the Israeli government finally promised to end the aliyah to Israel of Falash Mura—Ethiopian Christians, often with crosses tattooed on their foreheads who have suddenly discovered their Jewish ancestry.

35,000 of them have already entered our country. The government has agreed to re-investigate 3,000 more claims; “human rights” groups are demanding more than 8,000 visas.

We can only hope that at least chimps in Ethiopian forests did not have Jewish ancestors.

Long gone are the days when Israel asserted her jurisdiction over all Jews and refused to extradite her citizens for foreign prosecution. While many other countries have since adopted the Israeli stance and ban their citizens’ extradition to foreign prosecutors, Israel has gone backward.

The Israeli Supreme Court ordered the extradition of Alexander Pertzov to anti-Semitic Ukraine, where he is charged with killing a cop twelve years ago. The extradition came as a surprise to Ukraine. Typically for that corrupt country, local police extorted fake confessions from two thugs who pointed at Pertzov as the killer. Why him? Simple: because he was in Israel at the time. The approach is common with Ukrainian police: make a false accusation against a dead or permanently absent person, and close the case. Both thugs have since renounced their confessions.

Alexander had since volunteered to serve in the IDF and lives a model citizen’s life. For an Israeli accused of killing a cop, detention in a Ukrainian jail comes very close to being a death sentence.

Ukraine does not extradite its citizens.

The EU has urged Israel to abstain from demolishing dozens of the houses Arabs built illegally in Silwan archeological park, East Jerusalem.

Israel did not protest the blatant intrusion of the Holocaust perpetrators into her domestic affairs.

According to the EU statement, the demolitions impede the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Now we know why they killed us in 1864, 1922, 1929, 1936, and 1947—because of the demolition orders. Hamas would be surprised at this new reason for its existence.

Hamas has condemned rocket fire at Israel, as it disrupts its efforts to lay hold on $5.2 billion in international aid.

At Hamas talks with Fatah in Cairo, the two terrorist groups reported disagreements “over Israel,” which probably refers to Hamas’ right of resistance to the evil Zionists who supply water and electricity to Gaza’s terrorist population.

In an odd twist of fate, previously devoted Kahanist Lieberman has recommended Yaakov Borovsky for Public Security Minister. Borovsky, a major police figure twenty years ago, virtually hunted Meir Kahane and his Kach Party.

For some reason, it took the Arabs more than a month to count their own dead, though the number of burials should have been known in real time.

The reason is straightforward: the figure of 0.1% of the population, though insufficient for Israeli military goals, is still grossly inflated. In modern military actions, the ratio of wounded-to-dead hovers around 6-15 to 1, so we would have expected about 15,000 Palestinian wounded. They, however, could not prove even their initially announced figure of 5,300 wounded: Gaza hospitals treated less than 2,500 patients, including “regular” ones (non-military and wounded in domestic squabbles). Hamas tried to account for the balance by claiming that thousands of wounded miraculously moved through the borders unnoticed for treatment in Jordan, Egypt, and the West Bank, where no one had seen them either.