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Netanyahu offered his Likud rival Silvan Shalom the post of vice premier, rather than vice prime minister. The latter automatically succeeds if the acting prime minister is absent or incapacitated. Either Netanyahu is afraid that Shalom may want to assassinate him, or he distrusts Shalom to the extent of not leaving him the reins for even a couple of days during his absence on foreign trips.

On the bright side, Netanyahu offered the Settlement Authority to the National Union bloc. The move is largely symbolic, as the NU would still need the Defense Ministry’s approval for beefing up outposts and settlement construction.

A Lebanese website reported yesterday that a Likud rep met a high-ranking Syrian in Washington as Obama’s administration tested Netanyahu’s intentions toward the peace process. While Likud was busy denying the rumor, its Druze MK Ayoub Kara proudly confirmed his role in a TV interview.

The meeting actually took place with a Syrian opposition figure. Obama revels in the US State Department’s traditional delusion that they can change regimes to their liking. Likewise, in Iran the US supports the supposedly moderate Khatami, who is actually the most fundamentalist Shiite in the Iranian government, in charge of Shia conversion efforts in Africa and the Middle East, and a supporter of Iran’s nuclear program.

Faced with an investigation of his pro-Saudi activities, Obama’s appointee to the head of the National Intelligence Council refused the position.

The Hamas-run Al Ray newspaper reported that the government has spent $150 million on temporary housing for Gazan families left homeless by Israeli bombings, and another $75 million for restoration of damaged mosques.

The highest estimates put the number of destroyed houses at 2,800. Most of the houses were booby-trapped, and thus unoccupied. UNRWA takes care of the Gazan homeless (and home owners, too). No less than 99 percent of the $150 million appears to have been stolen.

The same holds for mosque restoration. Since Israel blocks metal and cement delivery to Gaza (lest Hamas build bunkers), Hamas could not have spent any significant amount on construction work.

Shameless individuals of Jewish origin who demand a 1:1,400 prisoner exchange continued their demonstrations near the prime minister’s office as senior leftist politicians visited them. The Shalits met the relatives of Arad and Goldwasser; the latter had received a dear corpse in exchange for iconic terrorist Samir Kuntar.

After Olmert removed Barak’s man Amos Gilad from the negotiations, Israel refused to release four major terrorists among the 1,400, which amounts to ending the negotiations, as Hamas has already promised them freedom.

The Shalits push Olmert to release more terrorists. Why don’t they go demonstrate in Gaza City and ask Hamas to accept less?

Police rejected scores of gun license applications in Netanya and Bat Yam, where applicants cited the danger of criminals. Both cities are engulfed in gang wars.

Using your gun in the West Bank has also become almost impossible: every incident of shooting at Arabs is heavily investigated, and usually results in charges against Jews. The government wants the settlers to feel defenseless and leave.

When a certain insignificant Tel Aviv criminal did not return promptly to jail after being released for Purim, police blew up his car on the street, alleging that theoretically there might be weapons inside.

Police are much less daring when dealing with real mobsters.

Police searched a suspicious-looking Arab woman near the Temple Mount, and found a kitchen knife. The woman confessed she was looking for a Jew to kill.

The important part is that she did not even have a decent knife. No terrorist affiliation or criminal record; just a common Palestinian woman with an Israeli residence permit who one day takes a knife and goes out to kill Jews. There are 1.5 million of them.

Fifteen years ago an insane Israeli Supreme Court acquitted on technicalities Ivan the Terrible, a Ukrainian guard in Treblinka, an ultra-sadistic place even by death-camp standards.

The United States thankfully extradited Demjanjuk to Germany, where he now faces a trial. Regrettably, he is only charged with being an “accessory to murder” of 29,000 people; thus there is no chance for him to be hanged.

Shamefully, no Jewish organization exacted justice on Demjanjuk during the fifteen years he spent in America.

After stone-throwing took on near-Intifada proportions in recent months, IDF implicitly suspended its long-standing policy that soldiers must drive away from stone-throwers rather than enforce law and order. Previously, patrolling soldiers were routinely jailed for daring to fire at Arabs.

Today, IDF shot another couple of Arabs who hurled Molotov cocktails at Jewish cars. One of them is regrettably still alive.

When Arabs throw stones and firebombs at cars, the idea is to make them stop so that they can kill or kidnap the driver.

Speaking at Haifa University, former Military Intelligence chief Aharon Farkash said the Pakistani nuclear terrorist threat to Israel greatly exceeds the Iranian one. Farkash supported our view that a nuclear Iran does not immediately threaten Israel, though it must be stopped.

In a precedent-setting decision, Ramat Gan court allowed two homosexual professors to adopt a thirty-year-old homosexual as their son. The odd family has lived together for fourteen years.

The “father,” 42, is just twelve years older than the adopted “son.” Dr.Amit Kama’s dissertation deals with how gays interact among themselves. Kama’s work is not exactly Kama Sutra, but closer to porn than to academic discourse.

The “mother,” Dr.Uzi Even, was the first openly homosexual Knesset member, elected on the communist Meretz Party list. Even’s political connections allowed him to push the court for such an unorthodox decision.

What is so difficult to understand about Leviticus 20:13, “And the man who lays with a man like with woman, that is abomination, let them be executed, their blood is on them [rather than on their executioners].”

Houssam Khalil and another Arab from Bir Zeit University created a terrorist cell to murder Israeli scientists and pilots.

Khalil’s father is a ranking member of the Arab Balad party. The Israeli Supreme Court recently overturned the Elections Committee’s decision to ban it.