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The Jerusalem Post fished out a recent quote by Gary Ackerman, a Jewish chair of the House Foreign Affairs Middle East subcommittee:

“The downward pressure comes from terrorism and the march of settlements and outposts, from the firing of rockets and the perpetration of settler pogroms… It comes from tunnels in Gaza and from digging in Jerusalem, as well. There is no moral equivalence between these acts, but they are part of the same destructive dynamic.”

There was terrorism decades before there were outposts. Thousands of rockets fired at Israel are not exactly like a few stones hurled by Israeli teens at Hebron Arabs—and by the Arabs at them. And for the past 2,000 years, Hezekiah’s tunnel in Jerusalem has not been used to transfer weapons.

The decomposition of Olmert’s government has evidently touched its members’ brains: Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog announced that Bedouins “suffer” from polygamy. Guess he didn’t ask the Bedouins.

Herzog earmarked $16 million a year for the Negev Bedouins, approximately $100 per person. The Bedouins already receive 40 percent of all welfare allocations in the Negev region.

Bedouins are the backbone of southern crime. They smuggle drugs, weapons, and women, terrorize Jewish drivers, and routinely clash with Israeli authorities.

Fayad is an especially despicable figure not only to Jews, but to Hamas, too: a Fatah quisling, he headed the Palestinian government after Hamas’ revolt in Gaza. As a goodwill gesture toward Hamas, Fayad resigned.

A Fatah-Hamas unity government is taking shape despite Hamas’ flat refusal to accede to American demands that they recognize Israel and renounce terror. Netanyahu’s government might end tax transfers to such a government, but the US and EU would continue financing it as they did before, with a legal fiction of transferring funds to the Fatah-controlled Finance Minsitry.

Russian FM Lavrov announced that the American ABMs in Poland are unrelated to Iran, and must be dealt with separately. In his letter to Medvedev, Obama offered to scrap the ABM in exchange for Russian support of sanctions against Iran.

Lavrov called for making the Middle East a nuclear-free zone. In Russian parlance, that means America should disarm Israel first, before asking Russia to abandon nuclear cooperation with Iran.

At the Abu Dhabi IDEX arms show, the oil emirates purchased in excess of $5 billion worth of advanced military equipment. Other Arab countries’ purchases remain undisclosed, but the Saudis generally purchase more than the Emirates.

The UAE and the Saudis are beefing up their armed forces to deter Iran, even though Iran has no plans whatsoever against them, and has not start a single offensive war in recent history. This hysterical attitude is typical of the Arab relationship to Israel, as well.

The Arabs’ military procurement exceeds Israel’s by an order of magnitude.

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At the Davis Cup in Malmo, a 7,000-strong crowd protested Israeli participation in the tennis tournament. Local neo-Nazis and a liberal anti-fascist group demonstrated side by side.

Ehud Barak wants to stay in the government despite the fact that his party lost the elections handsomely. Barak laughed at members of his party who demanded he show some decency, accept the election results, and move into opposition.

Barak is Netanyahu’s worst choice for defense minister: it took Olmert’s strength and politicking to attack Syria and Gaza over Barak’s objections. Soft Netanyahu is unlikely to push Barak to attack Iran.

As a condition for joining the government, Barak demands that Justice Minister Friedman be ousted. The left hate Friedman because he challenges their judicial monopoly. Since the 1970s, when the left lost its political monopoly to Likud, it has ruled the country by perpetuating its control of the courts and police. The trick is, Israeli courts appoint their own members: old leftists appoint new ones. Friedman wants the government or legislature to appoint judges.