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Hillary openly meddled with the Israeli judicial system, calling the rare court orders instructing Jerusalem municipality to demolish a few illegal Arab buildings, “unhelpful” and “not in keeping with Israeli obligations.” Guess what, Hillary, Israel’s only obligation is to keep Jerusalem united.

Hillary probably just does not realize that her husband’s Road Map plan involves transferring to Muslim enemies the parts of Jerusalem thick with Jewish history. The Arab buildings to be demolished stand on archeological layers dating to the First Temple.

As the Arabs have fired more than a hundred rockets from Gaza at Israel, the government has finally allowed IDF to kill their enemies rather than bombing empty shacks and tunnels.

In several airstrikes tonight, IDF killed a handful of Arabs, all PIJ members. The Arabs vowed retaliation, and so on.

The IAF attack needlessly endangered Jews, as PIJ responded with a massive barrage of rockets and shells.

The government shrinks from accepting a simple truth: IDF’s mild violence provokes Arab retaliation and causes the conflict to spiral; only overwhelming destruction would crush the Gazans’ will to fight us.

Palestinian militants operate under exceedingly difficult conditions of pervasive Israeli intelligence; basically, they are dead men walking. Just imagine the amount of Israeli intelligence workrequired to allow the air force to reliably target individual terrorists in Gaza’s slums.

The British Foreign Office Minister announced his country’s intention to engage† the political wing of “The Party of God.” The minister cited “positive developments in Lebanon” as a reason. The only developments we see are the release of suspects in Hariri’s murder, the beefing up of Hezbollah’s arsenal to more than 50,000 mid-range rockets, and the massive presence of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard instructors among Hezbollah troops.

In a separate development, the British Embassy canceled its planned move to a Tel Aviv building owned by Africa Israel Group, citing its construction projects in Judea and Samaria. At least the Brits are consistent: they oppose Israeli settlers and support Hezbollah, which seeks to remove them all.

Senator Kerry proudly described to the press his achievement in Damascus: Assad is ready to resume peace talks with Israel in return for the Golan Heights, and demands direct US involvement. Kerry’s incompetence is staggering.

Assad needs direct US involvement in order to whitewash himself from a terrorist into legitimate politician.
The Syrian does not ask “merely” for the Golan Heights, but for the area beyond the international border which Syria occupied in 1948: a beach strip of Lake Kineret which would give Syria half of Israel’s only aquifer.
And it is clearly a huge concession for Syria, defeated in three wars with Israel, to grant us peace.

There is a much cheaper way of achieving peace with Syria than giving our four-thousand-year enemy the Golan Heights: keep bombing Damascus until Assad signs whatever we tell him.

In a case of clinical madness, the government is enhancing its program to award Israeli citizenship to East-Jerusalem Arabs.

The PLO generally prevented East Jerusalemites from taking Israeli residence cards or citizenship. Instead of thanking the enemy, Israel’s Internal Ministry established separate rooms for Arabs to apply in private.
In its program, “To Become a Citizen,” the ministry also pushes Israeli ID cards to Palestinian school pupils. In 2008, almost 2,000 future terrorists from East Jerusalem applied for permanent residence in Israel in the comfort of their schools.

Likud arranged the Knesset’s temporary committee so that no Arab parties’ MKs would be present.

Ahmed Tibi demands a place in the Knesset Defense Committee. In the previous Knesset, the Committee included an enemy MK, A-Sanaa.
What next, an Arab defense minister? Not too far-fetched, though: an Arab Minister of Science in Olmert’s government had access to secret military programs conducted by his ministry.

Two Arabs from Haifa robbed seventy-four-year-old Jew Lidia Lastukha in her home. When the old woman woke up, the Arabs tried to suffocate her with a pillow.

Mrs.Lastukha beat the Arabs badly with her walking stick and drove them out. Police so far have arrested one of them.

Maariv reports that in December 2008, the Pentagon barred Israel from negotiating sale of the Heron UV to Russia, potentially a $1.5 billion contract. Various America restrictions on Israeli arms exports cost us more than we receive in aid from America.

Yigal Amir has filed a petition with the Supreme Court challenging the punitive ban on phone calls.

Yigal was delivered into solitary confinement, deprived of visits, calls, and purchases after a phone interview to Israeli TV.

Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails routinely marry, use phones, meet Israeli and foreign leaders, and give interviews.

Obama has increased the allowance for Fatah “police” from $75 million to $130 million. While Israel protests Russia’s supplying Fatah with fifty APCs, the Americans provide Fatah guerrillas with much more than that.

The amount does not include the Fatah police wages, which are paid from Israeli tax transfers.

Obama supports a Fatah-Hamas unity government, but finances Fatah police whose only target, theoretically, are Hamas terrorists.

An Israeli court convicted a father and son from an Arab family in Nazareth of systematically raping their female family members over the years.

Yet another Arab worker drove his bulldozer into a police car in Jerusalem. Massive Jewish casualties were narrowly avoided, as an electric pole stopped the Arab from smashing into a bus full of Jewish girls.
Refreshingly, policemen shot the terrorist dead after an armed Jewish taxi driver wounded and incapacitated him. The unusual zeal of the police was prompted by the terrorists targeting their car.

The previous attackers houses’ are still intact; the government lacks the guts to demolish them amid legal conundrums. There is nothing the police can do to prevent terrorist attacks by lone Arabs with heavy machinery or even cars. The solution is simple: Avodah Ivritóno Arab workers in Israel.

Hamas praised the attack as the proper response to court-ordered demolitions of a few illegal Arab buildings in East Jerusalem. Obama welcomes a Hamas-Fatah unity government.

The terrorist is a 26-year-old family man from Beit Hanina, an Arab village near Jerusalem. He had no criminal record and was not affiliated with terrorist organizations, though Ahrar al Jalil claimed him as a member. A good Arab, indeed.