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Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, slammed Obama for continuing Bush’s policies toward Iran and continuing support for the Zionist state. Among the exceedingly polite Iranians, Khamenei’s speech amounts to a very rough rejection of Obama’s offer to negotiate.

Indeed, there is nothing to negotiate: Iran insists on its right to a nuclear bomb, which it will have very soon, and Obama did not even formulate incentives to woo the mullahs away from their pet project (probably no incentive can achieve that).

The battle of two illegal leaders is curious. On one hand, Obama could not have legally become the American president because of his dual citizenship at birth and probable birth in Kenya. On other hand, Khamenei rose to the helm only because Rafsanjani lied to the ayatollahs that Khomeini appointed him before dying.

A mild scandal rages in Israeli media over Lieberman’s reshaping of himself as a dove. Preparing to take over the Foreign Ministry, Lieberman told the Washington Post in an interview about his commitment to a Palestinian state. That is no news: Lieberman’s territory/population exchange plan presumed the creation of a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel.

Asked why Yisrael Beitenu hid their position during the election campaign, Lieberman’s MK Danny Ayalon said that “No one asked us during the campaign if we were in favor of a Palestinian state.”

Lieberman’s perceived opposition to the Palestinian state was a major factor behind his electoral support.

Now, that’s a problem for Finkelstein, the right-wing kingmaker. His PR firm brought victory to Netanyahu in 1996, but broke relations after Netanyahu turned to the left. Then he tried it with Lieberman, to the same effect. It seems Finkelstein has run out of clients in Israel.

In an attempt at rapprochement with Syria, Obama sent two representatives to Assad: Jeffrey Feltman and Daniel Shapiro. Though both Jews are assimilated and removed from Israel, they are still Jewish and cannot build a rapport with Assad.

The Syrian dictator loves talking to the US; the talks bring him international legitimacy and require nothing in return.