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In Egypt, Hillary Clinton did not condition US aid to Gaza on the cessation of rocket attacks on Israel. Whatever the Palestinians do, America will pay.

But Clinton stood by Israeli retaliation. “No nation can stand idly by while its citizens are attacked,” she said. Israel can, and has for the last 8 years.

Despite his earlier declarations to the contrary, Lieberman opposes electing half the Knesset in regional elections.

Direct elections stand to benefit Avodah and Kadima, who have many popular personalities on board; their candidates can easily win local (majoritarian) elections. Lieberman has no candidates who would unquestionably win local elections; his support base is dispersed throughout the country. Thus, Yisrael Beitenu supports country-wide (proportional) elections.

Political theory views regional elections as expedient, but national ones as more just as they better reflect the will of all citizens.

A number of American congressmen voiced concern over Obama’s appointment of Charles Freeman to the NIC. Freeman’s anti-Semitic pronouncements are on the record. He described Israel as the source of all Middle East trouble (how about Iran-Iraq war?) and as a war-mongering nation. Freeman has close ties with the Saudi establishment, which financed his Middle East Policy Council.

One can easily guess that the next National Intelligence Estimate will again exonerate Iran of nuclear weapons aspirations.

For the first time since the court banned Meir Kahane from the Knesset (to Alan Dershowitz’s condemnation), an open Kahanist has appeared on its tribune.

As the National Union’s MK Michael Ben-Ari delivered his introductory speech, Arab MKs walked out as they—and Jewish MKs, too—used to do when Rabbi Kahane was speaking. One can only hope they don’t come back.

The vast majority of the 2,800 destroyed homes were empty to begin with. Israel generally bombed houses with weapon caches. Tanks fired at booby-trapped houses; IDF had them marked on the maps. The houses were booby-trapped months ago as Hamas prepared for Israeli invasion, and thus were not habitable.
Reports from Gaza indicate no homelessness.

By far, most of the destroyed houses were associated with Palestinian terrorists. It is bizarre to aid in their reconstruction.

There is no way for Gazans to utilize $5.2 billion. Their GDP is estimated at $600 million in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms. But the aid comes in nominal dollars; a ballpark nominal-to-PPP estimate would be 5:1. The aid, therefore, amounts to something like $25 billion PPP, or forty years of Gazan GDP.
Even if Gazans import all their construction materials rather than using traditional adobe blocks, the aid still exceeds their GDP manifold. Simply, Gazans don’t have enough construction workers to utilize the mammoth aid. Close to 99 percent of it will be diverted to Hamas’ other activities.

Very little of the $5.2 billion pledge will be actually transferred to the PA.

Kadima broke off coalition talks with Likud over three issues:

- Two states for two peoples (the second is Palestinian Arabs, mind you)
- Civil unions (more non-Jewish families in Israel)
- Electoral reform (which hugely benefits Kadima)

In reality, Tzipi is just offended: after winning the elections, she is refused even the Foreign Ministry.
The good news is that Kadima’a Mofaz won’t be the Defense Minister. The last thing we need there is another incompetent general.

A Jerusalem municipality paid for construction of a school in the Arab village of Ras al Amud. The reason why the municipality spends Jewish money on Arab schools evades the minds of normal people.

Immediately after the mayor left the opening ceremony, Palestinians proceeded to plant PLO flags and hurl stones at nearby Jews.

The Israeli government introduced drastic conservation measures in response to drought and overpumping of Lake Kineret.

Meanwhile, Israeli Arabs continued stealing water from intercity pipes and not paying for metered consumption.

Maariv revealed the exact details of the well-known treachery: despite the severe water crisis, the Israeli government actually increased the water supply to our Arab enemies. Livni’s Foreign Ministry repeatedly pushed the Water Authority to supply Jordan in excess of its 55 mil cub.m. quota.

The Israeli-Palestinian agreement promised our enemies 29 million cub.m. of water, but the government supplies them 65 million. The amount isn’t great compared to Israel’s own consumption, but demonstrates the government’s preferences.

Though the government continues to stonewall the refugees’ right of return, tens of thousands of Arabs enter the country in family reunion schemes as Israeli Arabs purchase inexpensive wives in the West Bank and Jordan.

More than 20,000 Arabs applied for “family visas” in 2008. Of these, 3,500 are already granted.

The “oppressed” Israeli Arabs don’t want to reunite with their new spouses in the Fatah-ruled territories.

Israel’s poorest towns will experience an unusual labor strike: tomorrow, their municipalities will be closed for two hours.
Municipal bureaucrats protest the lack of government support for state factories.
But why inconvenience the residents?

Muhammad Djius had been an exemplary resident of Jerusalem’s al Tor district, until he was arrested. He will not be stripped of his Israeli citizenship.
Muhammad hunted Israeli collaborators among Palestinian “peace partners.”