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Admiral Mullen, a top US military official, became the first high-ranking American to admit clearly that Iran has enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb and is on the verge of making it.

Secretary of Defense Gates echoed the American government’s line that Iran is a long way from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Just as in 1943, when they chose not to believe that the Germans were annihilating all the Jews.

The international donor conference, which starts today in Sharm esh Sheikh, Egypt, pledged $5.2 billion to Gaza “reconstruction.” Hamas has estimated the damage to be less than one percent of that amount, in just tens of millions of dollars.

As usual, Arab donors will eventually renege on their promises, but the EU and US will pay their dues, for a total of $1.5 billion.

IDF punished Hamas voters with considerable destruction. Reconstruction aid removes the punishment, and therefore encourages Gazans to support Hamas. The pompous Gaza reconstruction conference, attended by all the world’s powers, contrasts markedly with the international silence on rocket attacks from Gaza.

During the conference, Palestinians continued to fire at Israeli population centers. One Kassam rocket struck in the backyard of a Sderot home. What would be the world’s reaction if rockets were landing in the backyards of Californian homes?

Palestinians receive international funding while they attack Jewish civilians daily, and the funding is entirely disproportional to Gaza’s damage. The logical conclusion is that the world pays them to fight Jews.

It seems that high-ranking Brits have embraced the Arab cry, “Slaughter the Jews!”

After a Palestinian NGO filed a case in Britain alleging British support of Israel, the Quartet’s Tony Blair visited Gaza for the first time. Speaking to future terrorists at UNRWA school in Beit Hanun, Blair said about them, “These are the people who need to be the focus of all our efforts for peace and progress from now on.” Schoolchildren of Sderot who have spent their entire lives under rocket fire from Gaza are not Blair’s focus.

Britain also pledged $43 million to rebuild Gazan houses. Some math, perhaps? A total of about 3,000 houses were destroyed. First, Iran paid close to $6,000 per house, which is an honest reconstruction cost. Then came the pledge from Saudis. Then from the EU. Then from Britain. Now $3 billion from the donor conference. How many times over the $20 mil damage should be paid?

British International Development Secretary Alexander urged Israel to “do the right thing” and open Gaza’s border for dual-use materials. During the Holocaust, Britain had a different perception of “right things,” and kept the Palestine Mandate borders closed to Jews.

Responding to a Palestinian rocket attack on Ashkelon school, the local parents committee called for a strike until the city’s schools are fortified.

Unfortunately, the damaged school was fortified. Kassam-4 rockets can break through the current fortifications.

According to the Pentagon’s new rules, IDF would only be able to spend US military aid on military items, as indeed she should.

Prior to this change, IDF routinely procured non-essential items—even food—from America.

Too late, the European Rabbinical Authority opens a conference on assimilation today. The assimilation rates cited by the rabbis closely echo Holocaust annihilation rates: 70 percent in Germany, 50–55 percent in most other European countries. Naturally, Jews who have abandoned their identity to the extent of settling in Germany are more prone to assimilation.

Unnoticed by the rabbis, the conference illustrates the cause of assimilation: the rabbis, by meeting in Paris, disregarded a clear commandment for every Jew to live in Eretz Yisrael. In this era of crumbling religious bonds, God has given Jews an antidote to assimilation—a state of our own. Those who refuse the antidote are not likely to survive as Jews.

The IDF has hired private investigators to verify draft-dodgers’ claims of religiosity. Good news—the IDF investigation of female draft-dodgers found that 36 percent of Israeli girls are truly religious.

Draft-dodging continues to increase: 26 percent among men, 44 percent among women last year. The numbers mostly include genuinely religious Jews who decline to be drafted into the virulently atheist army. Though the army decries increased draft-dodging among Israeli women, they need not be drafted at all, as IDF works hard to invent sinecures for them. Israel’s socialist founders instituted a female draft as an experiment in sex equality, but the experiment failed—an army does not need many girls.

Hezbollah recruited the Arab from Hajajri village in Jezreel Valley during his illegal trip to the enemy state of Saudi Arabia.

The Rabbis for Human Rights urged the new government to curtail  Wisconsin’s highly successful welfare-to-work program because the new jobs sometimes pay less than subsidies. According to the cranky rabbis, some Wisconsin graduates receive $2 less per month in wages, compared to their previous subsidies.

The “rabbis” apparently do not know that Jews have a religious duty to take any job rather than burden society with their charity needs.
More importantly, the Rabbis for Human Rights do not know that Judaism recognizes no human right whatsoever, but only human obligations to the Creator.

The World Bank has a narrow purpose: providing aid to developing countries. That did not keep the WB from massive involvement in the Palestinian-occupied territories, which are no country at all.

The World Bank has embraced a political agenda by repeatedly calling on Israel to remove checkpoints in Judea and Samaria, lift the Gaza blockade, etc.

Before the donor conference, the World Bank named five Palestinian organizations through which the $3 billion in aid should be channeled. Never mind that such preference constitutes a crime of corruption.

The World Bank’s managing director is Juan Daboub, a Latin-American Arab.

A Yemeni court declared the murderer insane. The “insane” killer is a  former pilot in the Yemeni air force.

US State Department’s 2008 report praises their relations with Yemen as steadily improving.

When Russia stonewalled UN sanctions against Iran, Bush responded with the highly provocative measure of putting ABMs in Poland. The idea was smart: if Iran gets nuclear weapons, then the US will need a small ABM somewhere in Europe to protect itself. Incidentally, that ABM changes the status quo of US-Russian mutual deterrence. If Russia wants to restore the status quo, it has to eliminate the need for the ABM—and cooperate with America on Iranian sanctions.

As with other small threats, this one did not work out, as the Russians escalated the conflict with strategic bomber patrols and ABMs on the Baltic border.

In correspondence with Putin, Obama explicitly offered to halt the Polish ABM plans in return for Russian cooperation against Iran.

What Obama does not understand is that international relations lack the goodwill characteristic of Harvard classroom debates. Iran and the Russians exploit his softness rather than reciprocate it.

According to Debka, after Hamas’ takeover of Gaza two years ago, the number of civil servants there increased from 35,000 to 70,000.

Hamas fired thousands of Fatah security forces, so the 40,000 increase is left unaccounted for. Some of it applies to Hamas’ own military wing, Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades, which shell Israel. But the main part, written of as salaries, is actually used to purchase weapons from Iran and pay for them to be smuggled into Gaza.

Palestinian wages are financed by Israeli tax transfers, and by US and EU donations.

At the Palestinian donor conference, Russia reiterated its pledge of two helicopters and fifty armored personnel carriers to the Palestinians. Israel so far opposes the transfer.

Minister of Internal Meir Sheetrit has revealed that 16,000 Palestinian females and 11,000 of their offspring in the West Bank receive Israeli social security payments because they registered as single mothers living in East Jerusalem.

The trick is, polygamous Arabs marry one woman officially and register three others as single mothers so that stupid Jews support them. The real fun begins when Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades terrorists register their wives as single mothers in East Jerusalem and receive Israeli money both ways: wages from Fatah (Israeli tax transfers) and social security payments from Israel.

Incidentally, the practice creates a fake Palestinian population bulge in East Jerusalem. Peaceniks then use these fake demographics to sell disengagement from East Jerusalem.

For large Arab families, Israeli social security payments often exceed their wages and provide an important incentive for breeding.

Barak told Livni she should not fear Netanyahu’s stance on the Palestinian state because, “he gave Arabs more than all of us combined.”

True—in his previous prime-ministership Netanyahu lost for the Jewish state Hebron and 13 percent of Judea and Samaria.