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After Iraqi guerrillas planted a roadside bomb that killed two members of First Lt. Michael Behenna’s platoon, his comrades captured a suspect. Naturally enough, Behenna shot him after interrogation. What was the alternative—to hand him over to Iraqi prosecution so that he would be free soon?

When Israeli army was not yet demoralized by judicial witch-hunts and political correctness, Jewish soldiers shot plenty of Egyptian, Syrian, and Palestinian POWs; it’s both just and convenient.

Against the background of hundreds of thousands dead in the Iraq war, a single insurgent POW should be of little concern. Did he stop being an insurgent after arrest? But the American court convicted Behenna of murder.

After Nasrallah’s call a while ago to oust Mubarak, the Egyptian establishment is busy denigrating the Hezbollah’s leader.

The newest stunt involved an open letter by Egypt’s top Shiite cleric Fahim Abd al-Fatah, in which he accused Hezbollah of allowing UNIFIL forces into Lebanese territory to end the 2006 war with Israel, and criticized them for not attacking Israel this January to help the Gazans. Fahim also lambasted Hezbollah for not avenging Mughniye’s death, presumably with attacks on Jewish civilian targets.

Egypt is at peace with Israel, and theoretically should have undertaken to prevent anti-Israeli incitement.

In a Washington Post interview, Lieberman abandoned his promise to bomb Tehran, describing the consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran as unspeakable, and advocated new sanctions, which somehow would succeed where all the previous sanctions had failed.

In order to get the Foreign Ministry portfolio, Lieberman has to prove to his new colleagues that he’s unprincipled scum like them.

In an RTVi interview, Livni vowed to stay in opposition in order to pursue her “holy principles.”

Earlier, Livni had identified the quick establishment of a Palestinian state as her major point of contention with Netanyahu. In other respects, their platforms are similar, including electoral reform and civil unions.

She also declared firm opposition to joining a government with religious parties. Sure, if the Palestinian state is holy…

Livni also called Russia “an ally,” especially on confronting Iran’s nuclear program. Poor Tzipi is evidently deranged after her electoral loss.

Despite the economic crisis, which has forced the government to borrow money from foreign sources, it seeks to purchase new cars—the most expensive hybrid variety. The new tender binds all government agencies and municipalities to procure a single model of hybrid car.

The tender is structured to benefit Israel’s monopolist Toyota distributor. The new Honda Insight hybrid, which is way cheaper, is two inches shorter than required by the tender’s terms.