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Israeli Railways has become the largest company to practice Avodah Ivrit, Jewish labor.

Officially, the IR hires IDF veterans only, a politically correct name for Jews. Israeli Railways has fired forty Arabs who served as monitors at crossings.

It is crazy that despite all the bulldozer terror the Arabs were hired to fill positions in which they could potentially pose a great security threat.

Olmert created the Ministry of Strategic Affairs to offer a great-sounding portfolio to Lieberman. After he left the government, Olmert dismantled the useless ministry.

Now Netanyahu has reestablished the ministry for Moshe Yaalon.

The PA’s prime minister Fayad has rescinded his earlier resignation and will stay in the office until the new government is formed sometime in 2010.

Both Fatah and Hamas hate Fayad for somewhat restricting the terrorists’ access to Western aid, but they need him to continue milking the US and EU. Also, a new prime minister can only be appointed by Hamas, which won parliamentary elections, and that is not acceptable to Fatah and Obama.

Fayad’s reappointment signals the failure of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation talks. Now we will see Hamas’ renewed attempts to oust Fatah from the West Bank, and Fatah’s radicalization to remain popular with Palestinian voters.

When Begin gave Egypt 5/6 of Israel’s territory, the Sinai, it was at least for a reason: no more wars with Egypt. The notion of trading the Promised Land is grossly immoral, and the peace treaty allows Egypt to build nuclear weapons without fear of Israeli attack. Begin soon recognized his own error and it haunted him until his last days.

Why do we need peace treaties with the Palestinians and with Syria? Israeli casualties from Palestinian terrorism are negligible compared to the death toll from traffic accidents, and Syria won’t start a war with Israel.

Why give them our land?

As we expected, National Union—the only truly right-wing party—so far remains out of the coalition. Netanyahu does not need them, as he has enough votes from Avodah. He also has no portfolios left for the NU. Most importantly, the right-wingers would be a stain on his left-centrist government.

In the opposition, the NU will be powerless to help its settler constituency and will lack the media platform accorded to government officials.

In Talpiyot, Jerusalem, an Arab stabbed a Jew in the face with a knife after being fired.

Palestinian Arabs constitute ¾ of Jordan’s population, yet Jordan—an American ally and the friend of all liberals—bans them from government jobs. In Syria and Lebanon Palestinians are barred from dozens of occupations.

How come Arab labor is legal in Israel?

In just those words, Haneen Zuabi commented on the Iranian nuclear program. She praised Iran’s weapons development as a means to offset Zionist influence.
Zuabi also condemned “Israeli occupation”—presumably, of Haifa and Tel Aviv. She also regretted that Israel does not fear a war on it by all Arab states (The Jerusalem Post).

Haneen Zuabi from Balad is the first female Knesset member from an Arab party. She’s a darling of Israeli liberals.

Months ago, the Supreme Court overturned the Elections Committee decision banning Balad from elections.

The Czech FM rejected the planned EU-Israel summit because of Israeli construction in Jerusalem and the blockade of Gaza. Czechoslovakia currently holds the rotating EU presidency.
Israel currently has no construction projects in East Jerusalem (what a pity) and blockades Gaza to pressure its government to release a kidnapped Israeli.

The EU’s rejection of high-level talks with Israel contrasts with the EU’s increased contacts with Hamas.

It is a truism in Israel that whomever you vote for, you get the same government: left-centrist.

Western analysts are watching the Iranian elections closely. Most are dissatisfied with Khatami and Rafsanjani pulling out of the elections, though those “moderates” are just more polite versions of Ahmadinejad.

More importantly, the Iranian president is only a third figure in the country’s hierarchy, after its spiritual leader and the head of the religious council. They make all the decisions regarding the nuclear program, and Ahmadinejad acts only as a scapegoat. Probably he will be reelected, but whoever wins, the ayatollahs will continue working on their bomb.

Obama staged a conference on Afghanistan in an attempt to engage Iran. The
Ayatollahs proved themselves smarter, and used the Hague tribune to offer reconstruction assistance to their neighboring Muslim country. America cannot reasonably refuse Iran that role, and Iran will use the reconstruction as a means to bring Afghanistan under its control.

Mohamed SambiPerhaps no Israeli has ever set foot on the Comoros Islands. At the Arab League summit, Comoros’ president accused Israel of trying to bribe him to establish diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. The aboriginal Arab proudly refused the Jewish overtures.

The Palestinian Ministry of Prisoner Affairs called on Hamas to kidnap more Israelis to exchange them for jailed terrorists.

That ministry, like all others, is financed by Israeli tax transfers to our Palestinian enemies.