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The EU has given $556 million to Gaza, despite the severe economic crisis in Europe. That’s in addition to $900 million from America and $2.5 billion from other Arab countries. The IDF operation in Gaza proved to be a bonanza for Hamas.

Sixty years ago, when the Germans demanded $200 million worth of equipment (in today’s dollars) to spare a million Jews, the world refused.

Gaza damage skyrocketed after the war, and is now estimated at $1.9 billion. Less than 3,000 houses were destroyed, and another couple of thousand shacks sustained varied damage. Since the Gazan infrastructure is already rebuilt, the alleged damage amounts to $400,000 per Palestinian house. Now, these two propositions are mutually exclusive: either the Arabs live in $400,000 homes, or they live badly under Israeli occupation.

Hamas had earlier paid Gazans 4,000 euro per destroyed house, which it correctly deemed enough to rebuild their shacks. The lion’s share of $1.9 billion aid would go straight into the PLO’s and Hamas’ coffers.

A rocket from Gaza hit an Israeli school in Ashkelon. Thanks to Shabbat, the school was empty.
The advanced-type 170mm Kassam-4 rocket penetrated school fortification. While the government debates fortifying schools and kindergartens (“…to dwell safely in our own land”), Arab terrorists improved their rockets to make the fortification obsolete.

The UN, the EU, the US State Department, and the Arab League condemned the attack on an Israeli civilian center in the strongest terms. Just kidding.

When IDF attacked Hamas guerrillas near a UNRWA school in Gaza, the world went berserk.

IDF retaliated by launching three rockets into the tunnels at Rafah. The strikes were carefully targeted to avoid Hamas casualties, so as not to disrupt the ceasefire talks. If those tunnels are so important, why doesn’t the IDF enter the Rafah area to destroy them all?

Olmert again promised “harsh retaliation” for rocket attacks. He lied, as usual.

Hillary Clinton says Hamas must recognize Israel as a precondition for US recognition of Palestinian unity government.

Indeed, a four-thousand-year-old Jewish nation needs recognition for its divinely sanctioned state from an Arab terrorist group.

But suppose Hamas were to abandon its characteristic honestly and, like Fatah, lie that from now on it welcomes the Jews. Would those words change the reality on the ground?

Clinton fails to ask herself about the basis for Hamas-Fatah reconciliation. Hamas absolutely rejects anything less than the 1949 borders for the Palestinian state, and upholds the armed struggle against the Zionists. Fatah can only join Hamas and compete with it in elections by accepting those terms. The unification radicalizes Fatah rather than moderating Hamas. Indeed, a Hamas-only government would be less radical than a joint one, as Hamas won’t need to prove its credentials by differentiating itself from Fatah’s Israeli collaborators.

Arabs too, decided to make this Saturday into a day of rest, and announced a strike in East Jerusalem and elsewhere in Judea and Samaria. They protested a few court-ordered demolitions of Arab houses built illegally in Jerusalem’s archaeologically sensitive area.

Those Arabs are odd fellows. Why would we care about them closing their shops to other Arabs?

The government apparently permitted Abu Marzook, Hamas’ second-in-command in Damascus, to enter Gaza for a few hours to visit his relatives after a thirty-year absence from the Strip. Abu Marzook came through Rafah from Egypt, where he held fruitful reconciliation talks with Fatah terrorists.

Israel’s goodwill gesture toward Hamas came as Gazans continued shelling Israeli population centers.