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One of the rockets launched from Gaza struck between two houses in Sderot, damaging both of them.

The next time Israel strikes Gaza, the retaliation will be deemed disproportionate because Palestinian rockets, which shower Israel daily, rarely kill—unlike Jewish rockets in retaliation raids. But Kassam rockets created a new reality for Sderot residents: for nine years, they have walked in the shadow of death. Children in Sderot middle schools spent their entire life under fire; in a Jewish state, Jewish children know not a day of guaranteed safety.

The rocket that struck Sderot today was just meters away from causing a massive death toll among Jews.

On December 22, 2008, while normal Jews celebrated the Maccabean victories over Greco-Syrians and Jewish liberals, Olmert went to Turkey with his family.

At the dinner with prime minister Erdogan, the Turkish anti-Semite brought Olmert’s grandchildren Hanukkah’s treats, and the spineless Israeli accepted them.

Then Erdogan offered to bring in the Syrian foreign minister, who would fly from Damascus for direct talks with Olmert. Apparently, the Syrian refused. But the Israeli prime minister was ready to engage in diplomatically demeaning talks with a foreign minister. According to protocol, a prime minister only speaks to a foreign minister when the later visits the former’s country.

During Hanukkah, when Jews celebrate our victory over the Syrians, Olmert sought to surrender the Golan Heights and Kineret to them.

When the Palestinian group Al Haq filed a petition with the British High Court accusing Foreign Minister David Miliband and Business Secretary Mandelson of arms sales to Israel, the British government denied that any significant cooperation with Israel took place. If so, what a shame for the likes of Miliband and Mandelson.

For years, Muslims blocked the construction of the Tolerance Museum in Jerusalem because the Wiesenthal Center planned it on an abandoned Muslim cemetery. Only a small part of the museum would have touched the long-abandoned cemetery, and the Center offered to relocate the graves. In Israel and the Palestinian-occupied territories, Muslims routinely build over their cemeteries without bothering to relocate the graves.

It took Israeli courts three years to clear the construction.

Despite the court’s order, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, a Jewish Reform outfit, passed a resolution, which “condemned the construction in the strongest terms.” The CCAR remained unconcerned when, for example, Ashkelon Barzilai hospital planned new construction on a Jewish cemetery. But Reform Jewish “rabbis” are always happy to help our Muslim enemies.

As Israel’s first private jail in Beersheba will open next month, the government finalized the cost of detention: $50 per day. Thus, a low-security inmate costs Israeli taxpayers $18,000 a year, more than the net average wage.

High-security terrorist prisoners cost much more, in the range of $200 per day. A typical terrorist who stays in an Israeli jail for ten to fifteen years costs law-abiding Jews about a million dollars.

There are 11,000 terrorist inmates in Israeli jails. According to the Torah law, they must be executed.

Following the Israeli war on Gaza, Hamas redeployed its command-and-control operations to schools, mosques, and kindergartens. Most suitably, Hamas located its headquarters in Gaza City’s mental hospital.

Israel can bomb schools and mosques, which are presumably empty during military operations, but a hospital location totally shields Hamas from Israeli air strikes.

An Arab assaulted an IDF soldier in Givat Zeev neighborhood to take away his weapon. The soldier fought off the Arab, who fled together with accomplices.

Peres is to pardon forty disengagement protestors, out of eighty such pardons recommended by the Israeli Public Attorney. Others, including minors, will be prosecuted for protesting the 2005 disengagement from Gaza. Sharon’s Knesset made peaceful protests against disengagement a criminal offense.

Prosecution continues despite Peres’ admission that the disengagement was a grave error, which makes Peres a criminal and the protesters—heroes.

In an effort to defuse the crisis created by Iran’s launch of a space shuttle and the Bushehr reactor, Germany, France, and Britain have prepared a new list of less than mind-boggling sanctions.

The meager restrictions would affect thirty-four Iranian companies and ten individuals, and can be easily subverted by using front companies. The individuals in question don’t travel much, if only for the fear of being assassinated by Israel, who hunts them.

IDF Border Police entered Beit Tzaphapha, south of Jerusalem, to stop internecine clashes there. Palestinians there heavily pelted Jewish police with stones.

The lesson: don’t intervene when Arabs kill one another.

Arabs robbed a factory in Ashdod and stole a mammoth quantity of pallets. The volume was huge, but Palestinians know that Israeli police normally avoid going after Arab robbers, lest their compatriots riot.

This time the amount was too large, and police soon found the loot in the Israeli Arab town of Kfar Kasem, a hotbed of Palestinian insurrection just miles away from Israel’s major airport.

An Arab guard at the factory participated in the robbery.

The Pentagon budget for 2010 is set at $537 billion. Israel, America’s major ally in the Middle East and the cornerstone of American influence here, only receives $1.8 billion.

Looking at the figures, Iraq is 200 times more important to America than Israel.

Obama’s visiting envoy Mitchell met with Turkish prime minister Erdogan, and praised the “special relationship” between Israel and Turkey, and requested that Erdogan further his peace efforts.

This fellow, Mitchell…does he watch TV? In the last month, Erdogan has proven himself to be grossly anti-Israeli. He cracked down on Turkish secularism, engaged Syria and Iran, and established cozy relations with Hamas.