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A letter from Hamas to Obama was handed to Senator Kerry by none other than UNRWA’s chief.

Hamas’ Mashaal received a letter from the Russian Foreign Ministry, which confirmed the KGB state’s “positive attitude” to the Islamic Resistance Movement. Russia, of course, is less welcoming toward Islamic resistance in Chechnya.

The Defense Ministry budgeted more than 1 billion shekels for construction of the separation wall, and built a mere five miles. This simple concrete wall comes at as great a price as its ancient Chinese counterpart.

In the last two years, less than thirty miles have been constructed. The Supreme Court holds up construction of over 100 miles based on petitions from the Palestinians, who are not even Israeli citizens.

Meanwhile, the concept has become obsolete, as most of the terrorist attacks in 2008 were carried out by Israeli Arab residents.

What are we to make of Peres and Beilin’s puzzling statements on Gaza? Peres publicly regretted the withdrawal, while Beilin claimed he had always opposed it.

Hamas’ victory in Gaza and likely takeover of the West Bank leave the Israeli establishment without peace-process puppets. Ever since Peres brought Arafat, a defeated nobody, from Tunis as a sparring partner for peace negotiations, he has backed the PLO—an organization whose very name suggests liberating all of Palestine from the Jews. Now, Peres needs Israeli bayonets to reestablish Fatah as the dominant power in Gaza.

Both Netanyahu and Lieberman have promised to do away with Hamas. That they cannot do, but Peres pushes them to make good on their promises and invade Gaza. The eventual Israeli defeat in the politically correct war against guerrillas would be Netanyahu’s, while the chance to return Fatah to Gaza belongs to Peres.

For half a century, the name of Kfar Kassem has been a rallying call for pro-Palestinian activists. This was where an IDF contingent massacred Palestinian civilians, children included. That was a man-bites-dog story, big news.

The opposite news won’t make international headlines. Israeli police have arrested eight residents of Kfar Kassem who this January murdered Alexander Pozbadetski, a guard in Tel Aviv, and wounded two other Jews. Alexander helped evict the Arabs’ friends from a night club where they were stalking a Jewish girl.

This is a common thing: IDF arrested two Arabs armed with knives who tried to sneak into the Jewish Quarter of Hebron. Terrorists have been able to operate with much greater ease since the Olmert government allowed them to walk freely through the Jewish neighborhood.

Near Jenin, IDF arrested a Palestinian stone-thrower who happened to own a pipe bomb. Two other stone-throwers were set free.

Just days before international tribunal was to convene, a Lebanese court released the three suspects on $330 [sic] bail. Another victory for Hezbollah and Syria.

Shas’s Eli Yishai told Netanyahu that his party considers the economic crisis far more important than assimilationist marriages. This opinion is very reasonable, as non-Jewish marriages should be of no concern to Shas.

Yishai’s evasive words seem to signify his acceptance of civil marriages for non-Jews, which Lieberman demands for joining the coalition.

If you can’t expel them, let them marry…

For some time we have wondered why the Shalit exchange doesn’t take place, even though Israel has accepted all Hamas’ demands, including their demand for the release of eight arch-terrorists, 400 serious terrorists, and 1,000 trash inmates.

Hamas revealed that Fatah is holding back the deal because the exchange would greatly improve Hamas’ reputation both with the population and among the terrorist groups whose members will be freed.