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The US economy is apparently so wonderful that Obama’s Administration has an extra $900 million to pledge to Gaza reconstruction—that is, to Hamas voters and corporate backers among contractors. The pledge comes on the top of hundreds of millions dollars of regular aid to PA.

Obama wants friends on both ends: he continues military aid to Israel and reconstruction aid to the Arabs.

Netanya police finally gathered the courage to crack down on the local mafia: police forces destroyed a chicken shed that belonged to Baruch Falah, a renowned local gangster.

In an unusually frank address, Fatah’s chieftain declared that the only reason for a joint Fatah-Hamas government would be to receive and distribute foreign aid to Gaza.

Crisis-stricken Europeans seek to shell out money to Fatah, but only Hamas can actually distribute it. The Israeli war on Gaza provided the two terrorist groups with an excellent reason for reconciliation.

Abbas released throngs of Hamas supporters from Fatah jails, which was Hamas’ precondition for reconciliation talks. Earlier, Israelis had praised Fatah’s crackdown on Hamas.

The Israeli Housing Ministry offered new subsidies to Arabs who have served in the IDF. The ministry sells them land plots in Galilee at throwaway prices and subsidizes infrastructure at a rate of up to $50,000 per Arab.

Arabs already constitute an overwhelming majority in most of Galilee.

Jews are great even in their madness.

Lieberman announced his preference for new elections if Netanyahu fails at forming a broad government with leftists.

Dennis Ross has been appointed Clinton’s adviser on the Persian Gulf and South East Asia; both are areas in which he has no expertise.

On a positive note, Ross has been taken away from Israel and cannot bug us with his ever-failing peace schemes.

American insurer AIG plans to request an additional $60 billion from the state after having received $152 billion; the original arrangement was for $85 billion, which we immediately wrote would be insufficient. Now the state has invested too much in AIG to allow it to fail.

Mike Milken, the convicted Jewish swindler who caused AIG’s meltdown, actively seeks to enter Israeli financial markets.

After the US Army dislodged the Taliban government in Afghanistan, they—the Taliban—became increasingly active in neighboring Pakistani provinces.

Next, the US Administration pushed General Musharaff to step down because, naturally, he was an undemocratic ruler.

Pakistan’s democratic government formally relinquished its Swat province to Taliban authorities, who immediately instituted Sharia law and legal military bases.

Pakistani Islamists are quickly subverting the army, which possesses about fifty nuclear bombs.

A Jerusalem court sentenced Nerie Ophen from Yitzhar for—literally—hinting that all Arabs must be expelled because they are terrorists. Nerie had a sticker on his car, “No Arabs = No Terror.”

The judge is unacquainted with logic, as the slogan does not mean that all Arabs are guilty of terrorism, but only that terrorism can be solved when there are no Arabs.

In normal countries, freedom of expression is only restricted when the speech causes direct and immediate danger. Slogans, however offensive, are not punishable, and the very thought of sentencing for a hint is alien to liberal justice.

Nerie has kept the sticker on his car since 2004. The court took this fact—which contradicts the notion of any danger and should have led to acquittal—for an aggravating circumstance.

Nerie was singled out for prosecution, as the sticker is very common in the territories.

Shaul Mofaz, a talkative politician and incompetent general, is rumored to be Netanyahu’s candidate for the Defense Ministry.

Mofaz filed a case against IDF for a traffic accident; an army truck hit a bridge on Highway 4 and the ex-general was stuck in a traffic jam for several hours.