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Sixty years ago, when Israel was fighting for its existence, a friendly US Administration embargoed weapons shipments to Palestine. Though theoretically intended to halt arms supplies to both Jews and Arabs, the embargo only worked against Jews, as Arabs received weapons from Egypt and Jordan.

Amnesty International calls for the cessation of weapons sales to Israel and Hamas, but not to Fatah. Amnesty cannot stop Iran and Syria from aiding Hamas, so in effect the embargo is only to affect the Jews.

In its report, Amnesty accused Jews of war crimes in Gaza, including using white phosphorous bombs, though these were only used for illumination. Amnesty was less vociferous when Britain was killing civilians in the Falkland Islands.

CBS published a rosy demographic report: the ratio of Jewish births in Israel has increased to 75 percent. This is alarming—Arabs have become a quarter of the Israeli population.

At least 15 percent of those whom CBS counts as Jews are not Jewish according to traditional standards. That reduces the number of Jewish births to 65 percent, so that Jews assuredly have lost their supermajority status.

The report also glosses over the reductions in Haredi birth rates in response to reduced subsidies. The economic crisis, which left the Haredi community without much in the way of donations, also affects its growth rate negatively. Arabs, whose standard of living is lower, are satisfied with the current level of subsidies, and their population grows.

The CBS report also ignores hundreds of thousands of Arab residents, who are not citizens of Israel, and a million illegal migrants.

The average Arab family is 4.9 people, as opposed to 3.7 among Jews. A third of all Arab families have more than four children; the CBS report ignores polygamous families in which each wife is registered as single mother. In Tel Aviv, a third of all Jewish families are childless.

Foreign Ministers of twenty-seven EU countries deliberated over the Middle East peace process—in essence, over how well Israel capitulates to Muslim terrorists. The FMs expressed concern over the Netanyahu government’s reluctance to commit to Jewish national suicide. Indeed, it has been seventy years since Europe started the Holocaust, and the Jews are still alive. What an outrage.

Routine archeological excavations at a planned construction site at Umm Tuba near Jerusalem produced seal impressions from King Hezekiah’s reign 700 years BCE. The construction site housed a building destroyed when Babylonians conquered Judah.

A Palestinian land, you see.

According to Ynet, Lieberman’s foremost demand of the coalition government is benefits for IDF reservists, a generic and politically correct principle. He also requests electoral changes and civil marriages for non-Jews.

Thought he would deprive disloyal Arabs of Israeli citizenship?

Bedouins hurled stones at Jewish National Fund workers in the Negev who attempted to plant a new forest after the Arabs cut down the old one, as they have done time and again. The bedouins believe the land is theirs, just as the Gaza Arabs believe about Haifa and Jaffo.

Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote that it is much cheaper for Arabs to set Jewish forests on fire than for the Jews to plant them.