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A Kassam rocket struck in Shaar HaNegev; there were no casualties
A tourist bus caused a traffic accident on a Jerusalem-to-Tel-Aviv highway; there were twenty-three wounded.

Even at the height of the Intifada, damage caused by terrorism was statistically small compared to damage caused by traffic accidents. Arabs cause a disproportional number of traffic accidents.

Israel’s real security problem is traffic accidents, and relinquishing Judea and Samaria to Arabs won’t improve the situation.

Echoing Sheetrit’s remarks, Haim Ramon announced that Kadima does not care about portfolios in Netanyahu’s government, but only about being able to continue negotiations on ceding Jewish land to Palestinians.

Why is this dead-end diplomacy with Palestinian terrorists so important for pragmatic Kadima? Because that’s what their puppeteers from Obama’s Administration ask for.

Kadima officials speak too well of Netanyahu: that he won’t give up a single settlement, and that he will stop the “peace process.” He’s obviously not that firm, but they demonize him before their American masters.

Netanyahu offered Kadima nine ministerial portfolios and promoted Livni to vice premier, assuring that the unity government will be paralyzed. Netanyahu lacks the guts of Olmert to force government decisions against Livni and Barak’s wishes.

Two visiting US Congressman (Baird and Ellison) slammed Israel for the embargo on Gaza, which deprived the Arabs—o, horror!—of free lentils and pasta from UNRWA. It must be unbearable for Shalit’s kidnappers to live without spaghetti, which suddenly has become the Arabs’ staple food.

Subservient to the senators, IDF vowed to allow pasta into the Gaza Strip immediately.

The Israeli Prime Minister issued a formal apology to the Vatican for a Jewish TV show host doubting Jesus’ mother’s virginity.

Now that her virginity is reestablished, may we ask the Vatican for a little remorse on its Holocaust denial?

A Jerusalem Court ordered police to pay 4,000 shekels to a conservative activist: a year and a half ago, they nearly choked him while dismantling his outpost. Unfortunately for the police, they were videotaped.

Now the activist serves in the IDF while the Arabs near his former outpost continue massive illegal construction.

Following his meeting with Syrian dictator Assad, Sen.Kerry praised his willingness to arrange for a unity government in the Palestinian-occupied territories. Thus, Obama would be happy to deal with Hamas as part of the PLO government.

The US Administration asked the Syrian terrorist regime to involve Hamas terrorist group with the PLO terrorists so that they all can make peace with Israel.

The newest estimates put the size of the gas field at 200 billion cubic meters, enough to meet Israel’s needs for decades.

When Israelis developed significant gas fields in Sinai, they gave them to Egypt—and now import gas from there.

When Israelis developed a large offshore gas field near Ashkelon, Barak gave it to Arafat so that the terrorist group might become economically viable. Now Israel mulls purchasing that gas from Hamas through the British Gas Company.

Lebanon has already claimed the newly discovered Haifa gas field.

After his boss Peres surprisingly changed his support for Gaza disengagement, in an interview with RTVi Beilin asserted that he pleaded with Sharon against it.

According to Beilin, as a leftist he had to welcome the disengagement but argued against it privately because it would leave Gaza to Hamas. Beilin suggested delivering Gaza to Fatah, but Sharon saw no difference between the two terrorist organizations.

Only after Arafat’s alleged assassination did Beilin succeed in installing Abbas, the “moderate.”

At the Abu Dhabi military show, Russia presented its famed S-400 anti-aircraft battery for the first time. While S-300 deliveries to Iran are delayed, other Arabs can purchase the much more advanced S-400.

This basically ends the Iranian nuclear program debacle, and the mullahs have won. The Russian-built Bushehr reactor was filled with eighty tons of enriched uranium and will be activated on Wednesday.

The reactor was built to withstand a direct hit by cruise missiles with conventional warheads. In any case, bombing a reactor, which would release hundreds of tons of radioactive material into the densely populated areas, is not an option for Iran’s politically correct enemies. And bombing a Russian installation, along with Russian engineers, exceeds Israel’s political will.

The ostensibly peaceful Bushehr reactor produces 20% weapons-grade plutonium. IAEA confirmed that Iran has long mastered the technology of harvesting weapons-grade fissionable material from spent rods. Iran does not need its Natanz facilities to enrich uranium for a bomb.

If the Bushehr reactor is not dangerous, why did Israel bomb the Iraqi reactor in 1981?