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John Kerry took a trip to visit Hamas leaders and Syria’s dictator. Kerry, a high-ranking Democrat, doubtless has Obama’s approval for his talks, as the Administration seeks to engage Assad in negotiations. Assad, of course, is only too happy to gain international legitimacy and try to prevail over Israel by diplomatic means where his father failed by war.

During the visit, Kerry received a letter from Hamas to Barack Obama and agreed to hand him that letter. This is the first official correspondence between the terrorist group and an American administration. Obama has vowed not to recognize Hamas until it recognizes Israel (a big feat, indeed), but reneged by  accepting the letter.

Obama also approved Fatah-Hamas efforts at forging a unity government, which would allow the terrorists who reject Israel’s existence (as all Muslims do) to sit in a recognized government and receive foreign aid.
Emboldened by US policy, Hamas would intensify its efforts to subvert rival Fatah terrorists rather than join them. If Obama accepts a Fatah-Hamas government, he has no reason to reject a purely Hamas one.
Obama cooperates with Hamas even as the terrorist group continues shelling Israel.

A Katyusha rocket struck near Maalot, wounding three Israelis.

Olmert repeatedly asserted that, since Hezbollah is now a part of the Lebanese government and nothing happens in South Lebanon without Hezbollah’s approval, any attack from Lebanon would lead to unrestricted retaliation. Of course, he lied.

Hamas has found a face-saving way to meet Israel’s meager demand: the proud Jewish state agreed to release eight arch-terrorists among the 1,400 simple terrorists it holds, but only asked that four of them not be allowed into the Palestinian-occupied territories.

Hamas announced it would “expel” the four into Syria after their release—with their consent.

Shalit is wounded but apparently alive, as Hamas is ready to provide proof of life in exchange for still better jail conditions for the soon-to-be-released terrorists.

The absurd 1:1,400 prisoner exchange would mean a huge victory over Israel for Hamas, which will greatly embolden the terrorists.

Syria is continuing its nuclear program in cooperation with Iran, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Syria has also beefed up its chemical weapons facilities.

Last week, police interrogated Olmert for the fifteenth time about silly allegations. Instead, the entire government should be tried for treason for refusing to bomb Syria into the Stone Age.

Israeli talk show host Lior Shlein thought he has found a way to sting the Vatican over its Holocaust-denying bishops and naturally anti-Semitic attitudes. Shlein, a Jew in a Jewish state, expressed doubt about Mary—a Jewess—being a virgin, and another Jew named Jesus walking on water.

Now, this is not Holocaust denial, this is serious. The Vatican issued a formal complaint to the Jewish state over its refusal to recognize Mary’s virginity. Shlein apologized. In Galilee, Christians rioted.

The Israeli government repeats the mantra that it refuses to negotiate with Hamas. What about the current talks in Egypt? Those are implicit: so long as Hamas adheres to Israel’s demands, she adheres to Hamas’ demands. The government negotiates with Hamas without saying so.

The demagoguery damages Israeli interests: the absence of a formal ceasefire agreement enables each side to blame the other for reneging on the implied agreements. The previous ceasefire collapsed because Hamas was under the impression that Israel had promised to open the crossings, and Israel thought that Hamas had promised to stop weapons smuggling. A ceasefire that relies on the negotiators’ understanding rather than a detailed agreement is doomed.

Sheetrit declared that Kadima will join Likud’s government only if Netanyahu promises to apply every effort to forming a Palestinian state. Netanyahu is under intense pressure from the Americans to form a unity government.

Sheetrit lambasted Lieberman’s anti-Arab slogan, “No loyalty, no citizenship” as not “Kadima’s method.”