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After Iranians had sufficiently irritated Egypt for the last two months with anti-Mubarak protests in Tehran and Beirut, the IAEA, led by high-ranking Egyptian official El Baradei, issued a scathing report of Iran’s nuclear program.

Suddenly, IAEA discovered the missing 500 lbs of enriched uranium, which brings Iranian assets to over a ton. With the right technology, that’s more than enough for one or two bombs. IAEA had confirmed earlier that Iran was experimenting with reprocessing enriched uranium into weapons-grade material.

Though IAEA covers itself by claiming that Iranians could not smuggle the enriched uranium from Natanz, the fact is that the ton is not there. Iran has reportedly built highly dispersed plasma-reprocessing facilities even in apartment buildings.

Since Iran’s nuclear program is near completion, Obama’s urge to negotiate with the mullahs may cost us a country. And anyway, there is the much bigger threat of Pakistani nuclear weapons.

After Olmert pushed through the Cabinet’s decision to condition the Gaza ceasefire on the 1:1,400 prisoner exchange, Egyptians became furious, as they lost a diplomatic victory—arranging a truce between Israel and Hamas.

More importantly, Israel upped the stakes in a game that her opponent cannot afford to lose. After giving the jailed arch-terrorists an expectation of impending release, Hamas cannot come to say, Saadat, and tell him, “Sorry, but you stay in jail.”
Hamas cannot reduce its demands for a prisoner exchange, Egyptians and the EU/Obama are pressing Israel for a truce, and the domestic media are pushing for Shalit’s release at any cost. By linking the high-stakes truce to Shalit, the government will be forced to pay any price for the corporal—and it is not even clear that he’s alive.

The Arab terrorists are lucky—sooner or later, they will be released, but Jews who kill some Arabs under questionable circumstances will languish in jail. Israel is prepared to release Ahmed Saadat, who murdered an Israeli minister, but not Yigal Amir, who executed a prime minister.

Hamas guerrillas fired at least ten shells at IDF troops at Kisufim Crossing, even as the terrorists negotiate with the Israeli government to open the crossings. Kisufim Crossing is used for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

It is rather odd to open the crossings while they are being shelled, but Jews are not like other people.

Right-wingers from Jerusalem municipality came out with an unbelievably racist program—the transfer of Palestinians from East Jerusalem. Or so the reports say. There are a few buts:

- the transfer has to be voluntary, with Arabs receiving full compensation.
- the Arabs are being asked to move from archeologically sensitive Silwan to other areas of East Jerusalem.
- the proposal only affects 88 buildings, which are illegal in the first place.

Arab residents of Silwan have built scores of illegal houses, vandalizing archeological remains. The courts issued eviction orders, but police cannot enforce them for fear of riots. The Jews are offering the Arabs compensation for the illegal property, which must be demolished according to court order.

Jerusalem municipality routinely carries out demolition orders against Jewish families for minor violations of building codes.

News of rocks being hurled at Israeli buses in dreaded territories doesn’t surprise anyone. Just today, Palestinian villagers expressed their recognition of the Jewish state by stoning an Israeli bus near Kdumim.

But in Nazareth, loyal Arab residents of Israel fired at the bus. As Meir Kahane warned decades ago, Galilee is Israel’s Northern Ireland.

A fifty-one-year-old Arab taxi driver named Ibrahim Hamamra filed a complaint against Jewish settler activists returning from Homesh. According to Ibrahim, the fifteen horrendous settlers pushed him into the car to burn there. Never mind the driver was in his car, anyway. Police are investigating the settlers.

In fact, Ibrahim drove his iron camel rather carelessly and the Jews barely escaped him running over them. Arab drivers take many times more Jewish lives and property than their fellow terrorists.