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This time it only took the elected parties a week to disillusion the public.
Lieberman has proved not to be so hawkish—he demands that Kadima join the government. Kadima said in a statement that Livni would only lead the government—or stay in the opposition. Thus, Lieberman’s demand for a wide government is a politically correct way to nominate Livni for prime minister.

Lieberman is not deterred by the fact that Kadima ignored his “No loyalty, no citizenship” demand. In fact, there was no such demand in the first place: Lieberman suggested a moderate, “No national service, no national insurance” slogan, and the loyalty-citizenship slogan was developed by an advertising consultant who worked for Yisrael Beitenu.

After an all-time-record 20,000 Israelis lost their jobs last month, government employment agencies closed due to striking employees, who are demanding higher pay and larger staff. Who cares about the jobless.

Lieberman pushes for a civil marriage law that would allow non-Jews to marry, proliferate, and receive subsidies in the Land of Israel. The Israeli Internal Ministry has amended its guidelines for residency: now non-Jewish spouses would have to wait three years before obtaining residence permits.