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A UN team collected eight tons of unexploded Israeli bombs in Gaza and stored it before disassembly. The smart ones from the UN chose no other place for storage than…a Hamas warehouse. Naturally, the terrorist group stole the bombs to disassemble them for explosives.

Jane’s reports Syria has built a new unit at its chemical weapons factory—certainly a clear sign of its willingness to sign a peace agreement with Israel. Syria shares Iranian and essentially Russian chemical weapons technology. Syria manufactures mustard, VX, and sarin, including missile warheads.

Syria is unlikely to use poison gases against Israel for fear of retaliation. Why then, manufacture chemical weapons? For no reason, just for the fun of having them. Likewise, during the cold war America and Russia kept chemical stockpiles, though both countries’ military doctrines advised against using them.

The Israeli Air Force retaliated against Hamas for rocket strikes on Israel. IAF bombed a number of Hamas installations and seven non-military tunnels. IAF targeted its raids precisely according to government instructions not to disrupt the truce negotiations, so an attack by fighter jets and helicopters inflicted exactly zero casualties on the enemy.

Livni met with sexual deviants to thank their community for voting Kadima. So far, she has singled out no other group for support. Looking at the Kadima results, it seems that 23 percent of the Israeli population are gay.

In a rare public outburst, Israeli negotiator Amos Gilad complained to Maariv that he received one set of instructions before flying to Cairo and another upon returning.

Gilad implied that he received his original instructions for negotiating with Hamas from Barak, but that Olmert changed Israel’s stance later specifically to frame his defense minister. In 2008, Barak pushed for a truce with Hamas despite Olmert’s opposition. By tying the truce to the problematic prisoner exchange, Olmert subverts Barak’s rapprochement with Hamas.

Netanyahu cannot accept Barak as defense minister in his government because he would overpower Bibi.

Israeli army arrested ten Arabs near Kalkilya. What’s the point of risking Jewish lives to arrest them if the government is bent on 1,400:1 prisoner exchanges?

The Finance Ministry is  investigating the decades-long Hevrat Hashmal practice of increasing the professional rank of its employees after retirement and even post-mortem. The rank bears on the pension they or their widows receive.

Hevrat Hashmal retained a power generation monopoly based on the British Mandate’s charter. Though a year ago the government issued the first independent license for power generation, the new power station would have to sell electricity to Hevrat Hashmal.

Eighty-five-year-old Peres lost his self-control and, rather uncharacteristically for him, exhibited a spark of honesty. Or perhaps he is in a hurry to rectify his sins.

Whatever the reason, Peres became the first leftist to express regret over the disengagement from Gaza. Speaking to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Peres politely called the eviction of 8,000 Jews from Gush Katif, and the withdrawal that handed Gaza to Hamas, a mistake.

Well, go commit hara-kiri.

The Security Cabinet finally issued a unanimous statement about the truce terms. Hamas is not going to release the corporal in return for merely opening the crossings, but wants 1,400 terrorists released as well.

The Cabinet does not seek a pretext to reject the truce. On the contrary, IAF conducts merely theatrical strikes against empty shacks in Gaza.

Rather, the Cabinet seeks to turn the 1,400:1 prisoner exchange from an Israeli defeat into a victory, as Hamas would be “forced” to release Shalit as the only way to achieve a truce. Never mind that it is the victorious Israel that sues for a truce, and Egypt is heavy-handedly forcing the “defeated” Hamas to the negotiation table.

As usual, a pro-Shalit demonstration took place in front of the government office. Demonstrators demanded their idol be released at whatever cost to society. Someone pays a lot for all those demonstrations. Shalit’s father’s meeting with foreign heads of state could only be organized on the highest political level. The establishment has inflated the minor issue of a corporal POW into a national tragedy that would justify any concessions sought by the Left.

Jewish nursing homes and federations (“social service agencies”) will receive $1.3 billion out of the $87 billion earmarked for Medicaid. Don’t ask me what Medicaid has to do with economic stimulus.

In return, the American Jewish organization lobbied vigorously for the $787 billion plan.

In at least three incidents, the friendly Palestinians of Judea and Samaria hurled rocks at Jews; one woman is hurt.

Another good Arab was arrested in Jerusalem for hurling stones at Israeli cars rather than at people; a humane fellow, indeed.

Haredim from Mea-Shearim met a tourist bus with stones. Dozens of billboards around the religious neighborhood advise tourist agencies to stay clear of it—and rightly so: if you want a show, go to the zoo. Naturally, the Jews find sight-seeing (them-seeing) tours extremely offensive.

Though both parties hail the agreement, in reality there is none. Likud merely agreed to “examine the possibility” of anti-Arab changes in the Israeli Citizenship Act and expressed the belief that all Israeli citizens must profess loyalty. Likud also sidestepped the demands of quickie conversion and civil marriages for non-Jews.

Lieberman’s acquiescence to Likud’s vague promises shows how little is he concerned with his electoral platform.

Haim Ramon confirmed that Kadima did not even discuss the citizenship/loyalty issue with Yisrael Beitenu, though both parties claimed agreement on all of Lieberman’s demands.

According to Dan Kurzer, who spoke in Georgetown University, Obama would not approve of a Netanyahu-Lieberman government. The White House cannot work with Lieberman, whom it deems a racist for demanding loyalty from Israeli Arabs.

Obama’s Administration, let us recall, has no qualms about talking to Hamas, Iran, and Syria.

And guess what, we don’t approve of Obama.

The Abu Asa clan forced Tel Sheva (Negev) municipality to hire one of its members as a kindergarten guard, lest the clan damage the kindergarten.

This is nothing compared to Galilee, where police informally recommend that Jewish farmers pay Arab gangsters to protect their fields from Arab thieves and squatters.

Two common Palestinians with no terrorist affiliations made a crude firearm, prepared a few bottles with Molotov cocktails, and put two rocks on the road near Elon Moreh.

Instead of Jewish civilians, the first car on the road happened to be IDF jeep, and soldiers captured the Arabs. Without blood on their hands, the would-be terrorists will be released soon.