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Bibi has vowed to continue Kadima’s policy of bolstering Fatah “police forces,” which are somehow to remain distinct from the terrorist group’s Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. He also promised support for Fatah moderates, though he did not elaborate on where he’s going to find any. Thugs like Abbas speak moderately to the American administration but deliver inciting speeches to Palestinian crowds.

Bibi also reiterated his trademark program of massive economic assistance to Palestinian Arabs in the futile expectation of luring them away from terrorism. He ignores that the world’s prime supporters of terrorism—Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis, and a few Pakistani oligarchs—are rather rich.

Kadima has accepted Lieberman’s coalition demands, except for his centerpiece, the loyalty oath. Yisrael Beitenu praised Kadima’s compliance and ignored the oath issue. Indeed, the oath is over-touted; Islam sanctions lying, and the Arabs would have no problem taking a false oath. The conversion issue is similarly irrelevant. Lieberman only asks that the conversion be handled by local ultra-Orthodox rabbis, rather than centralized in Jerusalem.
On civil marriages, Yisrael Beitenu seems to be slipping toward the position that it is only intended for non-Jews.

Kadima’s acceptance is superficial: Livni is unlikely to become prime minister and does not expect to have to carry through her commitments. She can safely promise Lieberman civil unions and easy conversions—knowing that Shas won’t allow Bibi to pass them—and promise to dislodge Hamas, even though she would have no influence on the matter.

Netanyahu is working hard to drag Kadima into the coalition despite Livni’s opposition to a token role. Bibi squanders the victory the voters handed him. In this, he’s supported by fearful voters: polls indicate that 65 percent of them favor a unity government.

IDF has procured about fifty Sand Cat battlefield-class ATVs manufactured in kibbutz Sasa by Plasan Co. But the purchase went through Delek Motors, a well-connected monopolist Ford importer, which supplies chassis for the Sand Cat.

Police in Cartagena arrested eleven Israelis on a private villa where they were enjoying drugs and prostitutes. The authorities made a fuss of one of them being a fifteen-year-old.

Since more or less every tourist comes to Cartagena for drugs and women, and fifteen years is a respectable age for Latin American prostitutes, Israeli tourists were singled out for persecution.

The Columbians might have been responding to Israel’s Gaza operation. Israeli-Colombian relations are strained because anti-government guerrillas routinely employ Israeli instructors.

Recently, former US Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk published memoirs containing an explosive episode: Palestinian negotiators told Indyk that Lieberman agreed with them to partition Jerusalem.

Yossi Beilin published an abominable book, The Long Road to Peace detailing his efforts at forcing Israeli capitulation. Therein, Beilin relates an encounter with Palestinian strongman Muhammed Dahlan where he recommended that Lieberman join the Israeli peace team.

And don’t forget Lieberman’s role, in tandem with Barak, in transferring the Ashkelon gas field to Arafat.

The Holocaust Memorial awarded the Righteous of the World post-mortem award to Nazi officer Wilm Hosenfeld. The Nazi was made popular by Roman Polanski’s movie, The Pianist, in which he saved a Jew.

In his free time from saving Szpilman, Hosenfeld interrogated Jewish resistance fighters in Warsaw, though Yad Vashem concluded refreshingly that there is no evidence implicating the Nazi in mass murders.

The Nazi should not have received the award also for a legal reason: it only goes to gentiles who risked their lives saving Jews. Hosenfeld exposed himself to no risk, and it was common among Germans even in death camps, to provide protekzia to a handful of Jews they deemed useful, professional, or respectable.

Livni reiterated her “land for peace” commitment at a Jerusalem meeting of the Conference of the Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. Lieberman does not view her cravings as incompatible with his platform, and is ready to join a coalition with Kadima.

Now, Livni is stupid. We cannot have a deal with the Palestinians by offering them less than the 1949 borders. After Egypt got 100 percent of its land back and Syria secured Israel’s agreement  to return the Golan Heights and Lake Kineret, Palestinians cannot relinquish Gush Etzion or the Temple Mount. Years of increasing Israeli commitments to Palestinians has inflated their expectations beyond what the Israeli public can swallow. The peace process has thus defeated itself and is no longer possible.

But we already have peace with Palestinians. Terrorist acts are negligible compared to traffic accidents, and harsh retaliation can end the rocket fire from Gaza, but IAF makes a show of retaliation by bombing empty shacks.

As Meir Kahane remarked, we will keep the land and the Arabs will get peace.

For the fourth year, Israeli Druze will export about 8,000 tons of produce to Syria. The deal, oddly brokered by the Red Cross, is counter-intuitive: why export Israeli apples to Syria where they are much cheaper? Also, Syrians pay in local currency, which the Golani Druze have no way of using legally.

The Israeli establishment welcomes the rapprochement of Golani Druzes with Syrians to establish facts on the ground before transferring the Golan Heights to Syria.

Jordan’s parliament will file a petition against Israel in the Hague’s tribunal, for the alleged Gaza atrocities. Israel should respond with a petition against Jordan for murdering 8,000 Palestinian refugees in Black September; crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations.

Though the Jordanian princeling and his government are somewhat friendly to Israel, the parliament is deeply radical. Jordan’s Palestinian majority will eventually overthrow the monarchy.

Continuing the Bush-era policy of empty threats, Hillary Clinton warned North Korea to refrain from missile tests and similar “provocations.” Worse, she was speaking in Japan, Korea’s enemy.

Hillary’s statement came despite North Korea’s efforts at rapprochement. The missile test was only meant to turn American attention to the communist state.

Disregarding the Asian mentality, which calls for the utmost nicety, Clinton will provoke the North Koreans into expediting their nuclear program.

The Egyptian Army again conducted massive war games in Sinai, violating the 1979 Camp David agreement which limits Egyptian military presence in Sinai.

Israel is Egypt’s only plausible enemy.

The Iranian Defense Minister’s visit to Moscow did not bring any new agreements. Likely, the Russians meant the visit to remind Obama of the cost of an American ABM shield in Poland.

The Iranians have asked for five or six S-300 batteries, and the Russians claim none have been supplied. The Iranians asserted they have some S-300s, as indeed confirmed by Israeli intelligence photos leaked in late 2008. Those S-300s probably came from Byelorussia: they are old models, but full-featured, without the export limitations.