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Despite American pressure and Peres’ efforts, Lieberman emerged as a broker behind the Likud-Kadima coalition government. Now, that is odd. Lieberman’s bargaining power would be greater in a narrow government, which he could make or break at will; in a broad government his party is irrelevant, as there are enough MKs besides his to keep the coalition.

It is unlikely that Lieberman will risk his right-wing credentials by bringing Kadima into the coalition solely to make the haredi parties irrelevant and push through his civil marriage law.

By facilitating a wide coalition, Lieberman pays Kadima back for its help during the elections (Kadima propped Lieberman to draw voters from Likud), or pays them off to hang the criminal proceedings against him.

Kadima accepted all of Lieberman’s coalition demands except the loyalty test for citizenship, paving the way to a government without Likud. Netanyahu welcomed Livni into the coalition, paving the way to an amorphous national unity government. In the most newsworthy (but commonly ignored) development, Lieberman urgently flew to Byelorussia, probably to meet his major sponsor for consultations. In his absence, Yisrael Beitenu’s negotiations are handled by Mr. Misezhnikov Stanislav (what a nice Slavic name, Stanislav). But look, if Kadima accepted all his demands, what is so right-wing about Lieberman?

A few days ago, our cousins rioted in Hebron as usual, screaming, Yitbach Yachud — “Slaughter the Jews!”

Ever-sensitive to Palestinian requests, the Israeli government arranged to carry out their wishes. Olmert instructed IDF to remove the major roadblocks that stopped the terrorists.

Going an extra mile for the Palestinians, Olmert-Barak-Livni resorted to outright murder of Jews: they opened the main road in Hebron’s Jewish Quarter to Palestinians. Where Jews have walked in relative safety for the last fifteen years and children have played in the streets, Palestinian terrorists will hunt them.

Arab Hebron is a strongly pro-Hamas city, off-limits to Jews.

Olmert set Netanyahu up: upon becoming the prime minister, he can either close Jewish Hebron to Palestinians and run into a problem with Obama, or accept the Arab presence in Hebron—and clash with his rightist supporters. Hebron is especially sensitive for Netanyahu because his right-wing supporters have not forgotten how he abandoned the city to the Palestinians despite his promise to keep it under Israeli jurisdiction. That time, too, the establishment framed Netanyahu: after several ministers refused to pull IDF from Hebron, a Jewish soldier opened fire at Arabs in a Hebron marketplace, where several TV cameras were conveniently ready; the Cabinet immediately passed the Hebron withdrawal.

After the Fatah administration stopped paying Israeli hospitals for treatment of Palestinian patients with terminal diseases, Hadassah and other hospitals have been treating them for three weeks now for free—that is, at Jews’ expense.

When was the last time the hospitals treated Jewish patients free?

US National Intelligence has released its Annual Threat Assessment. About Iran, it concedes that the mullahs have all the components to build a weapon, but stops short of ascertaining their intentions. Though formally correct—American intelligence officers cannot read the mullahs’ minds—the assessment contradicts common logic. If it looks like a duck and flies like a duck, then probably it is a duck. Even Larijani has recently admitted that Iran is building nuclear weapons.

The assessment was tailored to Obama’s wishes: unlike Condi Rice, he accepts the truth but is allowing Iran a chance to step back. Which Iran, of course, will not.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Lockheed Martin—essentially, Obama’s Administration—refused to allow IAF to install its own command-and-control systems into JSF F-35. Such customizations are normal in Israeli purchases from the United States; even the United Arab Emirates purchased US fighter jets with Friend-or-Foe software code.

Proprietary C3 and FoF modules theoretically allow the United States to stop any IAF missions.

F-35 is so overpriced that the USAF cut back on its order, but IAF seeks a whopping seventy-five aircraft, even as the price has skyrocketed from $50 million to over 100 milion, and will be probably around $130 million apiece, making the aircraft too expensive to risk in any real-world mission.

The arch-terrorist Nizar Rayyan, who was killed in IAF strike, was warned of the bombing shortly before it took place. Who committed the treason? IDF.

No joke, IDF warned Rayyan that his house would be bombed. He tested their nerves by keeping his family in the house, expecting the IAF to refrain from bombing civilians.

Gone are the days when normal kibbitzniks were shooting Arab POWs and running over Arab houses with tanks. Now, IDF wages politically correct wars only.

The Jerusalem Post reports on Mossad’s meeting with political leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement. [News reports on Mossad meetings, huh...] Israel has supported SLM for some time, and the guerrilla group has an office in our country.

The issues of common interest include Al Qaeda, stopping the flow of Sudanese refugees to Israel, and intercepting weapons shipments to Gaza.

Mossad seems to take over IDF wars where the government lacks the will to conduct them. The agency is also heavily engaged against Iran, disrupting its nuclear program.

State Comptroller Lindenstrauss accused Olmert of pushing the Finance Ministry to issue a $3 million loan to Jerusalem Engineering College many years ago. Lindenstrauss ignores the normality of such practice.

The recently approved US bailout bill allocates tens of billions of dollars to various lobbying projects, but somehow Obama is not accused of corruption.

In response to the Water Authority’s desperate ads, Israelis are conserving water. The Geocartography Knowledge Group’s poll is silent on Arabs, but doubtless not a single of them has cut his water consumption. While Jews conserve water, Arabs steal it and refuse to pay for metered consumption.

Just three days after the event, police indicted four Jewish teenage girls for spraying graffiti near Noam Tavon’s residence and handing out fliers correctly asserting that the IDF commander of Judea and Samaria is a monster. Tavon, indeed, revels in oppressing Jewish villagers in the area.

The girls were additionally charged with refusing to identify themselves to police: a common tactic that symbolizes denial of the police’s authority to prosecute good Jews.

When tens of thousands Arabs rioted against IDF in response to the Gaza operation, calling IDF soldiers all sorts of names, only 700 were arrested.

According to the Egyptian Al Ahram, the Israel government accepted Hamas’ demand to release PFLP’s leader Ahmed Saadat, who planned Rehavam Zeevi’s murder, and only pleads with Hamas to deport Saadat to Lebanon.

On other hand, Zeevi’s murder was planned in Shabak rather than by PFLP.

Arabs hurled stones and firebombs at Israeli police. The Arabs protest the construction of the separation barrier, as it prevents illegal migrants from coming to work in Israel; the Niilin village thrives on labor trafficking.

Recently, Israelis tried to make Niilin Arabs love Jews with a Holocaust exposition.

Unlike the Jewish teenage protesters in Tel Aviv, no Arabs were arrested.

IDF opened Kerem Shalom, Karni, and Nahal Oz crossings to Gaza. Besides the UNRWA aid, fifty-one private trucks also crossed into Gaza. Israel seems to signal its readiness to open the crossings as part of the exchange of Shalit for 1,400 terrorists.

South Lebanon’s Orthodox Christian chief lashed out against Israel for banning Christian pilgrims from Syria and Lebanon, Israel’s enemy states.
Next to no Lebanese and Syrian Christians visited Jerusalem before Israel liberated it in 1967, though.