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Israeli police raided an Arab village in Galilee to close down several shops used to manufacture explosives, which Arab families use in their internicine fighting. Why Israeli police care about Arab criminals killing one another is a mystery.

Public Security Minister Dichter told the Cabinet what everyone else knows by now: the Egyptian war on Hamas’ weapons trafficking is merely a show. Egypt does not want to alienate powerful Bedouin tribes in Sinai who live off the smuggling. In several previous government crackdowns, the Bedouins perpetrated terrorist attacks against tourist targets.

Dichter’s other truism was that many Palestinian factions besides Hamas launch rockets at Israel, and there is nothing that Hamas can do to stop it.

Fatah and Hamas have started reconciliation talks in Cairo. If they succeed, Israeli tax transfers will benefit Hamas directly, rather through the wages of its members in Palestinian civil service.

The reconciliation is likely, as Abbas is under heavy pressure from younger Fatah leadership for his collaboration with Israel during the Gaza operation. A unity government with Hamas would boost Abbas’ reputation among radicals.

On other hand, Dahlan and Barghouti, two likely successors to Abbas, vehemently oppose the reconciliation, which would bring Hamas back into the political process and diminish their own electoral chances.

Using Israeli tax transfers, Fatah pays compensation to Gazans who lost their houses in Israeli bombing raids.

Jews bomb, Jews pay. Hamas must be happy.

During the Cabinet meeting, Tzipi shot a written note to Olmert, telling him to stop hinting that Kadima will join Likud’s government. The Kadima establishment evidently holds Livni in little regard.