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Foreign powers have expressed their preference for a wide government in Israel—one that includes Kadima. This confirms our estimate that Kadima cannot form the government despite winning the elections. Livni could not form a government when Olmert resigned, and has lost again.

Israel takes foreign intrusion into her domestic politics for granted. The EU channels tens of millions of euros annually to Israeli leftists and Arab subversive groups.

On other hand, it makes sense for Netanyahu to bring Kadima into the government. Livni is very soft and cannot influence his policy, but Kadima’s participation would grant the government considerable support among center-left Israelis.

An Arab who had planned the assassination of the Israeli PM has escaped from a Palestinian jail in Jericho, along with twelve other inmates.

Turkey has summoned Israel’s ambassador over an Israeli general’s remarks accusing Turkey of Armenian and Kurdish genocides. This is how normal countries react to indignities? Israel did not summon the Turkish ambassador when Erdogan repeatedly accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza.

The prime minister delighted Israelis by announcing that no truce will be signed with Hamas until Gilad Shalit is released. To put it another way: Palestinian rockets will continue pounding Israel until she releases 1,400 terrorist prisoners in exchange for Shalit.

The government previously asserted that the truce is not conditioned on Shalit’s release. Now that Hamas has predictably rejected Israel’s conditions, Olmert looks for a face-saving way to trash hopes for a ceasefire.

In the meantime, the Egyptians intercepted a ton of explosives in Sinai, bound for Gaza.

Among the various demands generally acceptable to both Likud and Kadima, Lieberman also asked for a commitment to pass a law that denies Israeli citizenship to non-loyal individuals—that is, all Arabs. Livni cannot agree to this demand if she wants to preserve Kadima’s support among Arabs. Lieberman cannot get enough votes to pass the law because ultra-Orthodox parties will oppose it: their constituency includes many Jewish anti-Zionists who would refuse an oath of allegiance.

Iran’s Defense Minister is to visit Moscow on Monday. Russia still did not clarify whether it supplies S-300 to Iran.

Pressed by falling oil prices, Iran cannot spend much on Russian weapons, but Russia will offer the sweetest terms: it does not need money from Iran, but seeks to reestablish itself as the Middle East’s major player.

Russia has already supplied Iran 29 TOR-1M anti-aircraft batteries.

Israel has become India’s biggest arms supplier—ahead of Russia—with exports of $3 billion a year. The sales increased despite the Indian investigation of corruption in Israeli deals (as if other countries don’t bribe Indian officials).

Israel could export much more weaponry to India and China, but the United States blocks our sales.

A Palestinian taxi smashed into an Israeli car near Shilo in Samaria, a place in the “occupied territories” where the Ark stood for three hundred years and the Tabernacle structure still remains visible.

Arab drivers kill and maim more Jews than the terrorists do.