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Israel is to open all crossings into Gaza for most goods, but Hamas refused to commit itself to ceasing the weapons smuggling. Hamas claims reasonably that, as an elected government, it is entitled to arm itself.

Instead of jumping on Hamas’ argument and bombing Gaza, whose legitimate government is preparing to fight Israel, the government reportedly accepted Hamas’ terms.

The truce won’t include Shalit return, which isn’t bad given its cost.

In its last days, the government instructed IDF to ease life for Palestinian terrorists and their supporters. IDF is to remove major roadblocks, which irritated Palestinians by intercepting scores of terrorists.

It remains likely that the army will duck the order until a new government is sworn in.

Likud has accepted Lieberman’s demands for civil marriage and simplified conversion. Shas and UTJ lambasted Lieberman’s demands as “Satanic” during the elections, but will join Likud’s government, which would pass these laws.

Both Netanyahu and Lieberman lie to their voters on the conversion issue. The government already has several programs for quickie conversion of the Slavs the Jewish Agency imported from the Soviet Union. The most simple of them requires merely three months of army service. The religious establishment, of course, don’t recognize the fakes, and the government cannot burn rabbis on the stake to make them recant.

Civil marriage for non-Jews is no problem; if Muslims are entitled to their own family legislation, why not the Slavs? Civil marriage for Jews takes the hypocrisy out of the process, but also the Jewishness.

As we have expected, Lieberman leans toward forming a government with Likud, despite the electoral support he received from Kadima. His Napoleonic demands for ministerial portfolios are unlikely to be met, as the defense ministry is reserved for Barak and the finance ministry is critical for Likud.

On a positive note, one Likud faction recommended forming a narrow right-wing government without Kadima. A wider coalition, though, could better withstand Obama’s pressure, and it is possible that Kadima might become more hawkish in a right-wing government.

Kadima is pushing Lieberman into the coalition with the stick of forming a government with Netanyahu as prime minister. This would leave Lieberman no portfolios and force him into opposition.

The Jerusalem Post reports on the Defense Ministry’s fuming over Hamas’ use of pharmaceutical bottles for IEDs during the Gaza war. Guerrillas used plastic bottles from vitamins and drugs—which Gazans had received as humanitarian cargo—to make small hand grenades.

The affair shows the Palestinians’ desperation, inventiveness, and will to fight.

Police held four girls for spraying a wall near the IDF West Bank commander’s home in Tel Aviv. The brave soldier claims the graffiti are too hard for him to bear.

Earlier, police arrested other demonstrators near his home.

Since Netanyahu has acceded to Lieberman’s political demands, and neither Likud nor Kadima can offer Israel Beitenu the requested ministerial portfolios, Lieberman would recommended to Peres that Netanyahu form the government. The widely celebrated victory of right-wingers has also put Lieberman against the wall: he does not want to be seen as the right camp’s traitor.

One can pity Peres. Both Netanyahu and Livni will almost certainly blackmail him now with the re-opening of the probe into Rabin’s death.

Egyptian intelligence chief Suleiman has revealed that Hamas rejected Israel’s humble request that the terrorists released in exchange for Shalit be banished from the West Bank.

Other core issues remained unresolved: Hamas won’t agree to end arms trafficking and set up a buffer zone to end Kassam attacks on Israel (the buffer won’t solve the Grad problem, though), and Palestinians cannot guarantee that smaller groups would end the rocket attacks.

An Arab mob attacked IDF soldiers near the Cave of the Patriarchs. Just a single Palestinian, a 14-year-old, was killed, apparently with rubber bullets.

Years ago, the government used to blame Hebron riots on Dr.Baruch Goldstein, but what do the Arabs want of Jews now?