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All election polls predicted Lieberman would win eighteen or nineteen seats, and that Kadima would win about two fewer seats than Likud. So the election results of only fifteen seats for Lieberman, and Kadima one seat ahead of Likud are odd. There is no way Lieberman’s supporters could vote Kadima. Likud or the National Union, maybe, but not Kadima. Those who reject Arabs as Israeli citizens and demand harsh responses to Hamas attacks just cannot suddenly change their minds and start a love affair with Tzipi the vegetarian.

Kadima could have gotten more votes from Arabs than the polls had predicted; naturally, Arabs tried to look tough with pollsters by rejecting Jewish parties. Also, Kadima and Avodah notoriously arranged for entire Arab communities to vote for them in return for sinecures. But where did Lieberman’s expected eighteen seats go?

The only explanation is that Kadima stole three-seat votes from Lieberman, which is exactly what it needed to overcome a two-seat gap with Likud and come out one seat ahead. Considering Lieberman’s silence on the evident election fraud, he probably received a kickback from Kadima, which is not implausible when we recall that Kadima’s election managers worked hard for Lieberman, trying to woo voters away from Likud.

The explanation that Lieberman’s seats went to Likud, and Kadima took votes from Meretz and Labor does not hold because Likud received fewer seats than polls indicated it would. It is also impossible that ultra-left Meretz supporters switched to Kadima.

Another confirmation of the fraud came out when soldiers’ and prisoners’ ballots were counted on Thursday. Normally, both groups exhibit strong right-wing leanings, but not this time.

Yet another confirmation came from the post-election poll of Russian-speakers: Lieberman and Likud miraculously lost 2 and 3 percent, respectively, while Kadima gained the same 4 percent. Considering that merely 10 percent of Russian Israelis voted for Kadima, a 4 percent rise in their number in just two days since the latest polls could only be the result of fraud.

In the West Bank, Kadima received slightly more support than Lieberman, and the National Union dropped from 31% in 2006 to merely 20%. Given the Kadima’s plans to evict Jewish settlers, its 8.5% support in Judea and Samaria, just 1% below the 2006 result, likely reflects election fraud.

Election fraud is common in Israel, but normally limited to Arab communities. This was the reason the Attorney General protested right-wing observers in Umm al Fahm: closed to independent election monitors, the town supplies fake ballots for leftist parties.

The crumbling leftist establishment, supported by the American administration, resorted to across-the-border fraud to save itself and the peace process scam.

Besides Avigdor Lieberman, Michael Ben-Ari of the National Union entered the Knesset. In a symbolic move, Michael brought the leftists’ nemesis Itamar Ben Gvir as his advisor.

Before its ban, Kach had a single Knesset member—the Rabbi himself—so this Knesset doubles Kahanist representation.

Egypt’s military tribunal sentenced Magdi Hussein to two years in jail less than two weeks after he crossed into Gaza illegally.

Israel might learn from Pharaoh. Israeli Arab MKs routinely visit Syria, Lebanon, and other enemy states – and remain MKs.

An Arab mob is throwing firebombs at Jewish cars near Beitar Illit town. Police so far remain uninvolved.

For the first time since the National Intelligence Estimate asserted that Iran’s nuclear program is entirely peaceful, a US president has acknowledged that Iran is building a nuclear bomb. Nevertheless, Obama searches for a negotiation platform with Iran.

An Iranian parliament speaker recently admitted Iran that Iran is building a bomb.

Iran has launched a legal offensive against Israel: the Iraqi parliament seeks damages from Israel for the 1981 bombing of the Osiraq reactor. Since the NIE established the peaceful character of Iran’s nuclear program, the mullahs’ case for damages would be still stronger.

Post-election polls indicate that 45 percent of Russian Israelis voted for Lieberman and 31percent for Likud. Ultra-leftists got just 1percent of the Russian vote.

This time the prime minister’s interrogation will last for at least four hours. Normally, charges like those brought against Olmert do not require so many interrogations, but police are harassing the prime minister.