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As usual, an ADL poll found what they called a “disturbing” level of anti-Semitism in Europe. But Europeans only speak common sense. In Spain, for example, 74 percent said Jews disproportionally control world financial markets. And close to half the European population believe Jews talk “a lot” about the Holocaust. We should be proud of our power in this world rather than condemn anti-Semites who are upset with the truth.

As we have predicted (here and here), right-wingers narrowly lost to Kadima. Right-wing parties scored 65 seats out of 120 (Likud 27, Lieberman 15, National Union 4, Jewish Home 3, Haredim 16, and perhaps one more, pending final results). Kadima received one more seat than Likud.

Now it’s up to Lieberman. If he refuses to sit in Livni’s government, she cannot establish a coalition and Peres will pass the right to form the government to Netanyahu. Not only has Lieberman replaced Shas as the linchpin, he holds more power: almost any government could bypass Shas by involving unsavory ultra-leftist and Arab parties, but Lieberman is almost indispensable. It is unlikely that Livni can draw Shas, UTJ, ultra-leftists, and Arabs together to gain majority support.

What would Lieberman ask for supporting Livni? The problem is that he has nothing to ask for because his party has no immediate goals. Livni will promise him support on political reform and civil marriage, but continue with the peace process.

Alternatively, Lieberman may choose the path of fame, and reject Livni’s overtures. She understands the problem and would try to bring Netanyahu into the coalition to prevent Lieberman’s defection. In any case, Israelis have gotten what they voted for—an unoperational hodgepodge of ruling parties instead of a government.

Voting patterns followed Hamas’ rocket attacks: Likud and Israeli Beitenu scored well in the south, while Kadima received a significant majority in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Though cosmopolitanism may have played a role, the voting was really about rocket attacks: should Hamas extend its firing range to reach Tel Aviv, the next elections would look different.

I can understand the people who vote for Meretz—okay, they have a strong anti-Semitic identity. The traditional leftists who vote for Avodah are also comprehensible. What defies explanation is how any Jews could have voted for Kadima, an amorphous entity bent on complying with the wishes of their American masters and financiers?

Attorney General Mazuz has accepted an unofficial plea-bargin with Judge Dalia Mark-Goranchik from Tel Aviv. In addition to her crimes of fraud, breach of trust, and probably embezzlement, Mark-Goranchik purchased a foreclosed apartment below market-value from an accomplice whom she had appointed to handle foreclosures. Under terms of the the plea deal, Mark-Goranchik resigns, with no charges filed.

Olmert was prosecuted for purchasing an underpriced apartment under less suspicious circumstances.