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Hamas investigated its failures during the Gaza operation and found three shortcomings:

- An IDF strike devastated the terrorist group’s command-and-control system.
- Consequently, only 3 percent of Hamas’ 35,000-strong militia joined the battles.
- In the absence of strong commanders and inspiration, the 500 suicide bombers failed to act.

Hamas is no doubt working now to remedy its problems by establishing autonomous fighting cells to fight IDF in the next round of confrontation if the central control fails.

During the Gaza war, the most popular Israeli Arab newspaper, Al Arab, consistently called Jews enemies, and Hamas  the heroes of resistance, and published interviews with Hamas and Hezbollah leaders.

The paper continues its operation, police do not plan to bring charges, and the establishment condemns Lieberman for calling Israeli Arabs disloyal.

Palestinian Arabs threw several Molotov cocktails into a bus carrying Jewish civilians near Bethlehem.

Dozens of other Arabs, together with Jewish communists, attacked Israel Beitenu’s meeting in Haifa. Police arrested a “human rights” organization activist for assaulting an officer; the others went free.

The Times reports that Fatah’s strongman Dahlan was behind IDF’s staggering intelligence success in Gaza. Dahlan fled Gaza a year and a half ago, and Hamas ousted his people. Shortly before the IDF operation, scores of Dahlan’s operatives scouted Gaza and marked Hamas’ hideouts for IAF strikes.

The report greatly damages Dahlan’s reputation among Palestinians and significantly weakens his chances to succeed Abbas. Israeli leftists support jailed arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti to replace Abbas in the next presidential election.

Hussein Shamiyah of Salah ad Din Brigades planned the Kisufim attack which killed an IDF soldier after Israel’s unilateral ceasefire. Technically, Shamiyah acted as a terrorist rather than a guerrilla because the IDF patrol stood on the Israeli side of the border and the army was not at war.

IAF bombed Shamiyah’s house shortly afterwards, but Egypt welcomed him for treatment. The Israeli establishment does not consider Egyptian help to terrorist organizations as a violation of the peace treaty.

After international leftists threatened lawsuits against IDF officers for alleged atrocities in Gaza, the government banned publication of their names and photos. The ban, apparently, does not apply to Avodah. The party’s election staff published 100,000 booklets praising Barak’s role in the war—with clear photos of the commanders.

Israeli law bans the use of IDF photos in election campaigns, for obvious reasons of national unity.

Avodah and Kadima resorted to other desperate measures. They drag out ceasefire talks with Hamas to prevent the population from realizing that while the army won the war militarily, the government lost it diplomatically. The government also accepted far-ranging concessions for Shalit’s release.

After the Central Election Committee refused to heed Mazuz’s request to revoke Baruch Marzel’s observer status, police prepared an administrative order barring Baruch from the town for the fear of riots.

In other countries, police crash riots, not the law-abiding citizens who supposedly provoke them.

Probably, Arabs won’t riot in response to Marzel’s presence at the polling station.

The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion conducted a Fatah-friendly poll. Though Hamas’ support had allegedly dropped to 28 percent for Gaza and 24 percent for the West Bank. The 500,000 and 600,000 Arabs, respectively, who still support Hamas are the hardcore terrorist-supporters who would continue to fight Israel no matter what.

Fatah’s support is also low, at 43 percent in Gaza and 39 percent in the West Bank.

The Kadima government reportedly agreed to free 346 high-value terrorists from Hamas’ list and about a thousand low-level trash prisoners. But even Olmert cannot free these four terrorists:

Abdullah Barghouti – 77 life terms
Ibrahim Hamad – 36 life terms
Abbas as Said – 35 life terms
Ahmad Saadat – a PFLP leader, and the alleged mastermind of Zeevi’s assassination, which was more likely organized by Shabak.

Tanzim’s leader Marwan Barghouti is to be freed, as Peres had promised the arch-terrorist years ago.

Jewish law prescribes execution for armed enemies—including terrorists—and bars disproportional ransom.

United Torah Judaism appealed to Arabs to vote for the Haredi bloc as an alternative to Lieberman’s racism. UTJ claims it supports Muslim equality in the Jewish state, despite the Torah and every commentator, including Rambam.

The words Hillul Hachem and malshin mean nothing to these nuts.

What is the point of electing Bibi if he brings Avodah and Kadima back into the government? Barak and Livni will have the same voting power in Bibi’s government as they currently enjoy in Olmert’s. After the voters hand victory to Netanyahu, he gives the government back to leftists. What a nice Jewish boy.