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Speaking in the Druze village of Tamrah, Livni told the audience she knows how to combine the Jewish and democratic characters of Israel. We would love to know the answer; how the Arabs will all have equal rights, but the state will remain Jewish. There is, of course, no answer, and Livni just spouts election-time propaganda that her right-wing parents would be ashamed of. Arabs also know she’s lying.

Less polite Palestinians staged a small rally nearby, accusing Livni of shamelessly fishing for Arab votes. Good Jews can say the same thing.

Haaretz published a highly representative poll, which included 3,000 participants from Israeli schools and universities, including prominent leftist areas such as Tel Aviv. Israel Beitenu scored the highest of all parties, with close to 20 percent support. Students are attracted by Leiberman’s unrelenting stance on Arabs: they are inherently disloyal, thus they must be disenfranchised as citizens. Even the leftist Israelis generally hate Arabs, and youth usually hold radical views.

Lieberman’s popularity, and the establishment’s inability to counter his common-sense arguments suggest that his party will be banned for racist incitement.

Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani outlined his government’s expectations of any talks with Obama: America should apologize for all American wrongdoings vis-a-vis Iran since Ayatollah Khomeini took power, abandon the “carrot and stick” approach, and accept Iran’s right to develop nukes. Larijani did not detail what Iran would offer in return, but his idea is clear: unless the United States legitimizes Iran’s nuclear program, the Shiite state will keep thwarting American interests in Iraq and Lebanon.

Casually, Larijani denied Holocaust, which draw no condemnation from the assembled officials though Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany where he was speaking.

Larijani implicitly admitted Iran is building nuclear weapons when he compared Western tolerance to Indian and Pakistani nuclear programs to sanctions against Iran.

Livni the vegetarian is the last person whom we expect to lead an attack on Iran.

An Arab armed with a knife attempted to stab a Jewish soldier on his way to his base in Jaffa (Tel Aviv area).

Arabs constituted a majority of Jaffa’s population before Independence, but fled the city in 1948 fearing Jewish revenge. Now they are coming back. Several districts of Jaffa are fully Arab; once Arabs start renting apartments in the neighborhood, Jews move away, and so Arabs take over the city block-by-block. Attacks on Jews in Jaffa are common, and there have been lynching attempts. The government’s response? Hire Arabs into municipal organizations, upgrade their schools—in short, welcome them.

For Palestinian refugees, Jaffa is no less an Arab land than Ramallah.

Three Arabs slashed a Jewish student’s neck in Jerusalem and stabbed him in face; the youth survived.

The latest polls indicate Likud’s lead over Kadima to be no more than two seats; Likud may even face a one-seat loss as Netanyahu voters flock to Lieberman. Given the traditionally lower turnout of right-wing voters in Small Israel, Likud’s real results may be still lower than polls indicate.

Lieberman’s nineteen seats bring Israel Beitenu into the major leagues. Traditionally, third (non-establishment) parties do not break through 12-13 seats.

In any government, Avodah is assured of a Defense Ministry portfolio despite Barak’s strategic errors in Gaza, where he squandered the IDF’s quick victory in three weeks of indecisive fighting.

Even if Likud receives the most seats, Shimon Peres can hand the victory to Livni. In Israel, the president gives the right to form a government not to the winning party, but to the one he deems most capable of forming a coalition. Livni can form a government with Avodah, Lieberman, ultra-leftists and perhaps Arab support.

In a time of Iranian crisis, Israel is faced with the prospect of another Golda Meir: indecisive, opinionated, easily influenced, prone to mood swings, full of ideas for great projects, but without firm goals that can be reached.

According to Al Hayat, the Kadima government has agreed to release upwards of 1,000 imprisoned terrorists in exchange for the release of Corporal Shalit. The list reportedly includes Tanzim’s arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti and other high-ticket murderers, as well as scores of lower-profile Jew-killers. The government is releasing Barghouti in order to create a viable alternative to Abbas, who has been discredited by his collaboration with Israel and stands to lose the next election.

the releasing of these Palestinian murderers marks a significant softening of Israel’s position since early December.

After the Cast Lead:

Hamas is fully resurgent and continues its administrative and military activities.
Gaza is flush with money and will quickly be rebuilt,
Palestinians continue rocket attacks and terrorist attacks on Israel.
The Israeli government has accepted Hamas’ pre-war terms for ceasefire: opening the border crossings.
More bloody terrorists are being offered in exchange for Shalit than ever before.

A Kassam rocket from Gaza hit Shaar Negev kibbutz, setting several cars on fire, and a Grad rocket hit Ashkelon, as Palestinians attempt to pound Israel into a truce. More likely, the government will respond with another invasion of Gaza

The government has approved $200 million for a new residence for the prime minister. The project will save taxpayers $5 million a year currently being spent on shuttling prime minister from his residence to the office and back. Instead of cutting back on the whopping $17,000-a-day escort service, the government builds him a combined residence-office compound. As usual, the cost will be two to three times the original estimate.

During the cabinet meeting, the Education Minister noted that this amount would suffice to renovate every school in Israel.

In 2008, the government rejected calls to reinforce Sderot schools against Kassam fire, claiming it lacked the required $200 million.

The Kadima government must have lost the touch with reality, to pass such a scandalous allocation two days before the elections.

In the Arab village of Qalansuwa, a father tried to run his daughter over with a car for her immodest dress. After failing, he enlisted his son who stabbed his sister twenty-seven times and then cut her throat.

But of course, they would live peacefully with Jews.