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Two rockets from Gaza struck Israel on Shabbat. In response, IAF bombed several tunnels in Rafah.

Bombing tunnels is an utterly senseless activity because very few of the hundreds of tunnels are used for weapon smuggling. Almost all the destroyed tunnels are only used to transport commercial goods: Gaza receives everything—even toys and medicines—through these tunnels. Tunnel operators, on other hand, allegedly have bribed PIJ on several occasions to break the ceasefire with Israel with rocket launches so as to keep the crossings closed—and the smugglers in business.

Okay, one people are the Jews, who have a four-thousand-year history and a great culture. Who are the second people—a bunch of Arabs who happened to immigrate to this land a hundred years ago?

There is only one state for Jews. For the Arabs, theirs would be the fifty-second Muslim state.

The Jewish state includes a 34 percent Arab population among its young and lacks the core areas: Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. The Arab state would be Jew-free and would include all these areas of Jewish significance.

Quite a just solution that is.