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Though Israel and Hamas will eventually have to reach some kind of truce, so far both sides remain recalcitrant. As usual, the differences are minimal, but at some point in the negotiations the hostile parties just refuse to make any more concessions. Israel agreed to open Gaza crossings to 80% of all goods, but argues with Hamas about what types of goods specifically, as if we should care.

Hamas agreed to pronounce an end to weapons smuggling, but not to put it on paper. The group wants to retain its credibility with the militant opposition.

Israel had seemingly finalized the release of Hamas’ prisoner Corporal Shalit. According to Hamas’ reports, the only remaining point of contention for Shalit’s release is opening the border crossings. So Hamas not only forced Israel to release 1,400 terrorists in exchange for an unfortunate corporal, but added a new demand: open the crossings.

Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israel were only related to border closures, and Hamas repeatedly voiced an offer to cease them if Israel lifted the blockade. The Gaza operation was politically pointless, as Israel now accepts Hamas’ pre-war terms.

The rocket attacks continue.

Shas’ mentor called Israel Beitenu’s voters “sinners, whose transgression will never be expiated.” Their sin is huge, indeed: they voted for Israeli Beitenu rather than Shas.

Earlier, Ovadia Yosef issued a wholesale blessing to Shas voters and their families.

Distribution of indulgences might be the next step.

After the Arabs of an Israeli city called Umm al Fahm vowed to prevent Baruch Marzel from monitoring the elections there, Attorney General Mazuz gave in to their demands. In his letter to the Central Election Committee, Mazuz requested that it revoke Marzel’s observer status. Mazuz’s reasoning must have come straight from an asylum patient: Marzel’s presence in Umm al Fahm is “almost certain to cause disturbances.” Er? A Jew quietly staying in an Israeli Arab town is certain to causes disturbances? Fine, then direct the police to quash the rioters. But in Mazuz’ warped mind, Arabs have a right to riot upon seeing Baruch Marzel.

General Musharaff for years kept A.Q.Khan under house arrest. Khan oversaw Pakistan’s covert nuclear program and sold nuclear technology to North Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, and reportedly to others as well.

After the Bush Administration turned a blind eye while Pakistani Islamists ousted the general, a Pakistani court quickly released Khan.