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Umm al Fahm municipality voted unanimously to close the notorious Israeli Arab town on election day to prevent Jewish election monitors—notably, Baruch Marzel—from reaching the poll stations. The Arabs assume that Marzel won’t dare to spend the previous night in a town full of loyal Israeli Arabs.

Elections in Arab towns are commonly rigged.

After Turkey’s Islamist PM sparked a crisis with Israel over Gaza, relations between the two countries deteriorated to the point where Turkey won’t allow armed guards on Israeli flights to disembark.

The Turkish move might save Israel the half-billion dollars that Jewish tourists spend there annually.

Erdogan avoids a head-on clash with the Turkish army by banning Israeli military aircraft. IAF routinely trains in Turkey, which is the only friendly country with suitable terrain nearby.

For the first time, Israeli sailors boarded a ship with allegedly humanitarian cargo before turning it back to the enemy state of Lebanon.

The ship was a symbolic matter: its sixty tons of humanitarian supplies are negligible compared to the thousands of tons UNRWA delivers to Gaza daily.

The Navy took over the boat and escorted it into Ashdod port where the boat was apparently confiscated as a crime instrument. Israel is relatively free to deal with Lebanese ships, but didn’t dare to hijack the Dignity, which was registered in Cyprus.

The IDF has killed a twenty-one-year-old PIJ commander in the West Bank town of Kibatiya. For years, Fatah did not move a finger to destroy PIJ in that town or elsewhere.

IDF shot Ala Abu Rob on the spot after breaking into his house. As usual, the soldiers reported seeing him armed.

Abu Rob was wanted for close to two years, but continued to spend much time in his house, until the army was instructed to take him out.

One has to respect a culture in which twenty-one-year-olds lead guerrilla struggles.

B’Tselem and other “human rights” groups dismissed calls for investigating Hamas’ war crimes, such as firing into Israeli civilian neighborhoods, using human shields, etc. They reasoned that Hamas’ war crimes are so clear that no investigation is required, while Israeli “crimes” are concealed.

In practice, that means a clearance for Hamas’ crimes, which are ignored now and will be forgotten soon. In contrast, Israeli “crimes” will be discussed incessantly.

Egyptian border guards prevented Hamas officials returning from Cairo from bringing $12 million in cash to Gaza. The money was apparently collected by the Muslim Brotherhood.

But Olmert made up for the shortfall: the prime minister ordered $43 million in cash to be transferred to Gaza to pay public servants’ salaries. For a territory of 1.5 million people, that’s quite a lot for salaries.

Mindful of the upcoming elections, Barak vehemently opposed Olmert’s decision, though two months ago he also transferred to Gaza $25 million in cash.

The money comes from tax transfers, according to an outdated 1994 agreement. Israel hurts Jewish workers by allowing Palestinian laborers into the country. Uniquely, Israel taxes the Palestinians for other country’s benefit: imagine the United States transferring to Mexico the taxes it collected from Mexican workers. Every normal state keeps  tax revenue to itself, but the Jewish state collects taxes for its enemies. Taxes increase the cost of Arab labor and effectively make Jewish consumers subsidize the PLO state.