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Noam Federman and others (including female minors) were arrested when they demonstrated near the home of Judea and Samaria IDF commander Noam Tivon who greatly oppresses settlers.

Federman is charged with verbally abusing a public servant. In the United States, that would be an extenuating circumstance: the public interest there in criticizing public figures is so great that it justifies abuses. In Israel, as in the USSR, public servants enjoy greater protection than common citizens.

Hamas robbed a UNRWA warehouse in Gaza, seizing thousands of blankets and food packages. Though Hamas does that routinely, this is the first time UNRWA has ever complained, and for a single reason: because Hamas established its own distribution for the UN aid. UNRWA is not concerned that Hamas uses the aid to buy loyalty, but only fears competition.

Hamas distributes aid to its supporters, enabling them to circumvent UNRWA’s long waits in line, and sells the balance.

UNRWA complains incessantly that Israel does not allow enough aid into Gaza.

Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, Barak’s representative Amos Gilad warned of an impending war with Syria  unless Israel quickly accepts Assad’s peace terms.

Amos is lying, as usual. Since 1967, Syria has been afraid to move a finger against Israel, and it is completely impossible that Syria would launch its thousands of mid-range missiles at Israel, and risk provoking a devastating response.

Israeli government transferred Jerusalem’s Sergiev Courtyard to Russia based on claims dating from the nineteenth century. The obscene sellout of Jerusalem took place despite overt Russian cooperation with Iran, Syria, and Hamas.

The transfer of Jerusalem property to Russia establishes a major precedent, which allows foreign governments, charities, and churches to claim vast tracts of prime land in Israel.

After Bank Hapoalim reported losses of at least $250 million in 2008, Bank Leumi was downgraded from Buy to Sell, as its large portfolio holdings make it highly vulnerable.

Earlier the Bank of Israel announced that the country is entering a recession.

During the Gaza war, a Palestinian doctor became famous by holding a press conference to accuse IDF of killing his family.

Soon afterward a relative of his was treated in Israel, and the wounds were identified as having come from Palestinian weapons.

IDF investigated the incident and believes the doctor’s family was hit by Israeli tank shells. But why was Palestinian shrapnel found in the victim’s head?

The Fatah chieftain called Israeli actions in Gaza “war crimes,” which would be unremarkable if the Jews were not paying his salary. Israel traditionally puts up with incitement by Palestinian officials—or any other Arab officials, for that matter. But here Israel is continuing tax transfers to a thug who compares IDF to the Nazis.

The Israeli establishment have lashed out against Lieberman for less-than-friendly remarks about Mubarak, but they ignore Abbas’ denigration of IDF. No wonder: for the likes of Peres, Mubarak is more a friend than a typical Jewish soldier.

Just today, police arrested several Jews, including some teenagers, who dared to speak impolitely about an army official. But Arabs enjoy a very different treatment.

The EU Parliament, where Abbas spoke about Israel, lauded his speech.

Egypt closed the Rafah Crossing in order to press Hamas to accept Israel’s conditions for a truce. In practice, Hamas is simply forced to lie: no way will it end its weapons smuggling as Israel demands.

Egypt is concerned that continued arms smuggling is leading to deteriorating relations with Israel and her American supporters at a time when Hosni needs a smooth transition of power to his son.

Mauthausen death camp “doctor” Heim converted to Islam and peacefully died in 1992, reports German ZDF TV. The Egyptian government provided him with asylum, despite its peace treaty with Israel and despite massive aid from America.

Scores of Nazi war criminals lived in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, and helped the Arabs build modern armies.

Before moving to Egypt, the scum lived in Germany until 1961.