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After a Grad missile hit Ashkelon and Kassams landed in other areas, IDF prepared another strike against Rafah tunnels. In an effort to wage a politically correct war, IDF phoned Rafah residents with a warning to flee the strike area. Since IAF conducts only precision strikes and collateral damage is always minimal, the message actually warns those involved in tunneling to flee.

At the same time, Hamas and Fatah report that the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire is mostly agreed upon.

IAF strikes, therefore, amount to an election stunt to show that the government is doing something about Hamas. The government deliberately avoids significant casualties among terrorists so as not to disrupt the truce negotiations.

As polls predict Israel Beitenu to become the third-largest party, the witch-hunt against Lieberman has intensified.

Haaretz accused him of being a former Kach member. Lieberman and his associates avoid media questions on the issue, but the information is correct, he was indeed an active supporter of Rabbi Meir Kahane, which makes a great reputation for a Jew. After Kach was banned, Lieberman broke relations with figures in the post-Kahane rightward movement. He is working to exclude right-wing fringe competitors from the Knesset with a bill to increase the election barrier to 4%.

So far, Lieberman adheres to Rabbi Kahane’s ultimate policy, albeit in a watered-down version: Israeli Arabs must be non-voting residents rather than citizens. To that end, Lieberman would grant Israeli citizenship only to Arabs who accept an oath of loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state. The problem is, many Arabs would lie.

Lieberman’s election campaign manager was placed under ten-day house arrest on suddenly-activated ten-year-old charges—that is, exactly until the election campaign is finished.

Kadima Minister Ruhama Avraham-Balilah was fined $720 in Ben Gurion Airport for attempting to smuggle four bottles of whiskey.