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The IDF targeted empty shacks in Gaza after Palestinians launched fifteen rockets and shells at Israel during a day of ceasefire.

After three weeks of extensive bombings, IDF has no viable targets in Gaza, and has staged phony retaliations against such targets as an abandoned police station and six tunnels out of approximately two hundred.

Within minutes after the Palestinians launched a lone mortar shell into Israel, IDF struck the operatives’ car. Fast response makes the connection between crime and punishment clear.

Israel has accepted Spanish jurisdiction over the IDF. After the Spanish court invoked universal “war crimes” jurisdiction to indict IDF chiefs responsible for some Arab deaths in an anti-terrorist operation, the Israeli Foreign Ministry humbly submitted the exonerating documents to Spain.

IDF intercepted and arrested a group of Palestinians on their way to firebomb Migdal Oz kibbutz. These were common Palestinians, not affiliated with Hamas or other major terrorist groups.

IDF killed a Palestinian guerrilla after he opened fire at a roadblock in South Hebron Hills.

In all liklihood, IDF will re-enter Gaza shortly before February 10 (elections day), in order to boost Barak’s popularity. Many of the reservists called up during the Gaza operation have not been demobilized. Israel has ordered foreign agencies to leave Gaza, and the ceasefire clearly hasn’t worked out.

The year-long truce that Hamas has acquiesced to does not address Israel’s two core demands: cessation of all rocket attacks (Hamas cannot control other terrorist groups), and ending the weapons-smuggling (Hamas needs weapons for future confrontations). Fatah practically ensured rejection of the truce by requiring that Hamas recognize Abbas as Palestinian president even though his term has expired.

Israelis are dissatisfied with the indecisiveness of the operation in Gaza after the promise of the initial attack. Barak needs to reestablish his false reputation as a master strategist. He’s a brilliant tactician, though.

A fundamental reason for Israeli establishment to re-occupy Gaza is to revamp the peace process. Only by destroying Hamas and delivering Gaza to Fatah can the government continue peace talks. Fatah is extremely weak politically after the IDF operation in Gaza as Palestinians rightly view the thugs as Israeli collaborators. Unless Israel destroys Hamas within a year, it will win the coming elections and Fatah-the-peace-partner will be gone for good.

The Israeli government has issued an urgent and credible warning of Hezbollah’s plan to attempt to kidnap Israelis and stage major terrorist attacks against Jewish targets in Europe. Mossad recently prevented one such attack.

Hezbollah realizes that revenge for Mughniye will subject Lebanon to Israeli reprisals, since Hezbollah is the ruling party. Iran seeks to embroil Israel in ongoing conflicts in the South (Hamas) and North (Hezbollah) to keep IDF too busy for a raid on Iranian nuclear facilities. The Hezbollah operation is also meant to give Israel and the United States a taste of things to come in case of an Israeli attack on Iran.

In a YNET interview, Michael Ben Ari of the National Union Party voiced support for Rabbi Meir Kahane’s program to evict Israeli Arabs and ban leftists from the Knesset. A week before the elections, Ben Ari has figured out that the court has no time to disqualify him for incitement.

Ben Ari’s election would mark the first time an open Kahanist has entered the Knesset, which is great news.