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The Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Fatah’s military arm, fired a Kassam rocket on Israel. The Brigade receives funding from Fatah – that is, from Israeli tax transfers and aid from the US and the EU.

Fatah fights Israel just like Hamas does: both groups act through their armed wings rather than directly. But the Israeli establishment closes its eyes to Fatah’s attacks in order to continue the peace process. After the Fatah-Al Aqsa attack, Ben Eliezer and other ministers called for a tough response against Hamas. But we should ask ourselves: what does Hamas have to do with Fatah’s attacks?

Palestinians fired 4 rockets, one of them hit close to kindergarten. IDF patrol on Israeli side of the border with Gaza came under fire. Israeli intelligence confirmed that Hamas did not perpetrate any of the attacks.

A Russian ship chartered by Iran to transport hundreds of tons of explosives and other weapons to Gaza was surprisingly intercepted by the Cypriot Navy, which normally stays clear of confrontations.

The incident’s background is now clear: Israeli intelligence tracked the ship, and the Navy was going to raid it, but the Obama administration forced us to abstain, lest we obstruct their efforts at diplomatic rapprochement with Iran.

On TV-2. Some answers are worth noting.

Netanyahu supported the uprooting of “illegal” outposts, albeit via an agreement with the settlers. Never mind that they won’t agree. Bibi claimed to disagree with the Gaza disengagement, though he voted for it while in Sharon’s government.

Livni was concerned about the Gush Katif evacuees. Why, then, does the Kadima government do nothing to rehabilitate them now?

Barak expressed his support for Hamas’ terms for prisoner release (“difficult decisions”): 1,400 terrorists for a corporal.

Months ago, we were surprised to learn that Livni had failed to create a new government due to her row with Shas. The religious party reportedly asked for staggering subsidies, which Livni refused. The affair was odd because Shas wasn’t asking for too much, and all previous governments have traditionally reached an understanding with it.

Olmert revealed that Livni accepted all Shas’ demands for subsidies but refused its only political demand: to refrain from negotiating away Jerusalem.

Though the leftists are correct that Arab villages near Jerusalem are not worth fighting for, their solution is wrong. Partitioning Jerusalem would create a non-viable city where Arab quarters and villages overlook Jewish ones and serve as bases for attacks. Rather, the solution is to relocate the Arabs, especially those in the refugee camps, which lack any connection with the land.

In 2003, an IDF Bedouin soldier shot a British journalist in Gaza, apparently mistaking his camera for a weapon. Other accounts indicate that the filmmaker, James Miller, was merely caught in the fighting. Whatever the case, the anti-Israeli journalist is dead.

Miller’s family demanded compensation and the British government threatened Israel with a request for the soldier’s extradition. Normal nations just don’t care: Russia has ignored British extradition requests on several occasions. In the Litvinenko case, Russia’s decision sparked a short diplomatic crisis, forgotten a few months after.

Israel paid the dead Jew-hater’s family much more than the government has ever paid to the families of fallen Jewish heroes. Miller’s payment sets a dangerous precedent, which the “human rights” organizations will use to extort more money from Israel.

Professors dispute the law school’s decision to grant professorship to Dr. Pnina Sharvit-Baruch because she counseled IDF soldiers during the Gaza operation. It did not matter to the professors that Dr. Sharvit-Baruch advised soldiers on how to avoid war crimes rather than on how to hide them.

The ultra-left law school routinely pays tribute to Palestinian terrorists. Many of its students become judges.