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Russia has scrapped its plans for ABM deployment in Kaliningrad area, an explicit response to the American ABMs in Czechoslovakia and Poland.
It is not impossible that the Russians are considering ABM deployment in Cuba.

After a Spanish court indicted IDF’s ex-Chief of Staff for the not-so-targeted assassination of a Hamas leader which resulted in the deaths of a dozen or so Arabs, MK Eldad called for the indictment of Spanish officials in Israeli court for NATO bombings of Belgrad that left hundreds of civilians dead.

The Spanish case was initiated by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, which receives its huge budget from the EU and the governments of Norway, Ireland, Sweden, and others.

Indeed, with so many Jewish lawyers around, how come just a single semi-volunteer organization, Shurat Hadin, litigates hundreds of wrongful death cases against Islamists and other terrorists? At least in the legal field, Jews need not be on the defensive.

The Cypriot Navy has intercepted an Iranian ship en route to Syria with weapons cargo on board, probably for Hamas.

Are we going to bomb ‘em or what?

On other hand, Russia and the United States also arm Israel’s Muslim enemies.

Months ago, we were shocked to learn that Susan Rice would represent the United States in the UN.

Rice called on Israel to investigate its war crimes in Gaza.

Obama’s policy of negotiating with enemies has started to bear quite different fruit from what he had expected. Rogue states have realized they can engage America by grossly hostile actions.

North Korea has renounced its non-aggression pact with the South and escalated their smoldering conflict. There are conflicting reports on the North’s nuclear program, which is being revamped. The communists reasoned – correctly – that they can get the most from the United States by following Iran’s example. The conflict for them is a product, to be sold to the eager buyer, Obama.

Obama prepared a ridiculous letter to Khamenej, graciously informing Iran that it no longer belongs to the Axis of Evil (its place is now reserved for Bush); that it should look at its neighboring countries and copy their economic policies (Iranians despise their Arab neighbors as primitive); and that it should cease its support for terrorist organizations (which Iran considers freedom fighters). If Obama wants to irk the Iranians, this stupid letter is the way to go.

The Turkish PM made headlines by walking out during Peres’ speech in Davos. Erdogan’s demarche was calculated to appeal to Muslims and immediately brought him acclaim in Turkey, where thousands greeted him at the airport.

Erdogan accused Peres of “murdering children” even though Turkey does just that in reprisal raids against Kurdistan.

After being publicly humiliated, Peres turned the other cheek and phoned Erdogan – not to demand excuses or arrange for duel, but to excuse himself and hear Erdogan’s assurances of Turkey’s commitment to cooperate with Israel. Erdogan has no say on the issue because Israel cooperates mostly with the Turkish army, an institution largely independent from the PM.

 When the army set out to dislodge him, the US and EU pressed Turkey to accept the election results that brought the Islamist PM to power.

Damascus leaders of Hamas, PLFP-GC, and PIJ seek to establish a new “leadership organization,” which would unite Palestinian factions. Previously the PLO served that purpose, but under Israeli pressure Fatah gradually forced other factions out. The new PLO became superficially amenable to Israeli demands, but it was not representative of Palestinians, and could not force a truce on other factions.

An alternative umbrella organization, supported by Iran and Syria, would spell the end of the PLO’s  legitimacy, especially as Fatah cannot win elections.

Israel faces a choice of allowing Fatah to form a unity government with Hamas and legitimize the terrorist group as she legitimized Fatah earlier, or watching the disintegration of the now-cooperative PLO.

Speaking to Obama’s envoy George J Mitchell, Olmert revealed the details of Israel’s offer to the Palestinians: Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, minus the settlement blocs. The scheme would uproot 60,000 Jews.

Livni denied she accepted the scheme, though she is on the record conceding to similar border arrangements.

Fortunately, Palestinians reject this plan, and rightly so. A border that includes Israeli settlement blocs but excludes Arab villages would be a drunk’s path, unworkable and indefensible, and a constant source of tension.

Olmert’s plan is not different from previous governments’ plans, including those of Rabin, Barak, and Netanyahu.

It is the nature of negotiations that each side always asks for more, and American negotiators are pressing Israel for still more concessions.

Finally, the UNRWA and foreign media have confirmed the Israeli account of the incident that took place on January 6. Earlier, UNRWA, “human rights” groups accused Israel of shelling a UNRWA school where forty-three Arabs were killed. A row developed between IDF and UNRWA; IDF claimed that terrorists had fired at the troops from the school, which UNRWA denied.

After the fog of war dissipated, it appeared that guerrillas had fired at IDF troops from a crowded street, prompting IDF to shell their position – naturally, killing the bystanders.

UNRWA did not retract on its demand to investigate Israeli shelling of its school.

Police conducted their thirteenth interrogation of Israel’s PM, questioning him about the political cronies he apponted during his tenure in the Trade Ministry.

If that’s a crime, every Israeli minister belongs in jail.