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Olmert announced that Israel’s attack on smuggling tunnels in Rafah was unrelated to the Palestinian border ambush a day earlier, and that the real retaliation will be coming.

Responding to the Rafah attack, Palestinians fired a Kassam rocket into Israel.

Responding to the rocket attack, Israel bombed a “weapon factory,” which was really the house of the guerrilla responsible for the ambush. This is what Olmert apparently meant by proper retaliation.

Responding to the Israeli attack, Palestinians fired a rocket at Sderot.

The Israeli government recognizes that the attacks do not come from Hamas, but holds it responsible for all the goings-on in Gaza, as the sole power there. At the same time, Israel is trying to dislodge Hamas, which would make splinter militant groups still more uncontrollable. Also, if Hamas represents Gazans to the extent that they can be punished for its wrongdoings, why does Israel refuse to negotiate with Hamas?

The EU’s FM Javier Solana called the Saudi peace initiative “a basic parameter” for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. What Solana does not understand is that the Saudi peace plan was fake from the beginning.

Iran refuses peace with Israel on any terms, although it claims that it’s up to the Palestinians to establish terms for peace; that’s why the Saudi initiative is called an “Arab” rather than a “Muslim” plan—Iran is not an Arab country.

Syria will not be satisfied even with Israeli withdrawal to the UN borders, but wants to regain the Israeli territory at the Kineret shore it occupied during the 1948 war.

Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon ignores the Saudis altogether.

Hamas has refused even a long-term truce with Israel, and sticks to the honestly Muslim policy that Jews cannot have their state on what Hamas sees as Muslim land.

The Saudi peace plan only offers Israel peace with no enemies, and at the cost of Jerusalem and the expulsion of 600,000 Jews from the homes where they have lived for three generations.

Israeli Channel 2 commented on the rumors that days ago Hezbollah attempted a significant attack against an Israeli target in Europe in retaliation for Mighniye’s death.

Nasrallah has publicly vowed revenge.

“Human rights” groups have filed a claim with the Attorney General accusing IDF of grossly mistreating Palestinian prisoners in Gaza.

The prisoners lacked “basic sanitary conditions”—i.e., indoor toilets—while in the field. IDF kept them “for hours” in cold pits before transferring them to a jail camp.
The terrorists were handcuffed.

An alternative, presumably, would be to keep them in a five-star hotel.

Six state-owned Israeli hospitals announced permanent strike: as usual, over a minuscule demand of hiring merely 130 additional employees. The Finance Ministry even agreed to pay their wages but insists on outsourcing – but the trade union wants all money for itself.

UPDATE: The trade union reached a last-minute agreement with the Finance Ministry.

During the war in Gaza, IDF suspended a standing policy of allowing a cool-off period for intelligence reports. The policy’s rationale is that acting immediately on the received intelligence pinpoints the agent, whereas after some time has passed, the circle of people in the know widens and the enemy cannot pinpoint the leak.

In Gaza, IDF reacted immediately to the reports it received, which accounts for our success in precision bombing. On the downside, the immediate reaction exposed dozens of Israeli agents in Gaza, who were subsequently killed.

So much for UNRWA John Holmes‘ intelligence. Guess what? An attacking country has to try to spare enemy civilians, but is under no obligation to protect them.
The duty to protect (which is vaguely defined) only applies to occupation.