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After Palestinian Arabs ambushed IDF patrol on the Israeli side of the border with Gaza, IDF retaliated with several strikes but refrained from causing a significant death toll so that Israel won’t be accused of a ceasefire violation.

At night, IAF bombed a couple of tunnels in the Rafah vicinity. Though retaliation was cited as a reason, it remains unclear why Israel needs any reason to destroy the weapons-smuggling tunnels.

The Peace Now traitors welcomed Hussein Obama’s envoy George J. Mitchell with a report on Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria. This action places Peace Now in the category of malshin, Jewish informers who endanger the entire community by publicizing the alleged sins of Jews. According to rabbinical law, malshin must be executed, no Sanhedrin required—and indeed they were executed on rabbinical orders on numerous occasions.

Peace Now has documented the population growth in Judea and Samaria to 285,000 Jews—whom the peace-lovers seek to evict.

In what should be mild praise for Olmert’s government, Peace Now reports 69% construction growth over 2007, though it comes to mere 748 permanent homes and 509 caravans, despite a population increase of 15,000.

Despite numerous restrictions and demolitions, Jewish pioneers set 261 caravans in “illegal outposts,” often on strategically important hilltops.

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate broke relations with the Vatican and abandoned a scheduled conference. The move is unrelated to theological differences: Israeli Rabbinate has no problem cooperating with those whom its members deride in daily prayers as idolaters; isn’t it funny when the rabbis sit at a conference with Catholics, then retreat to say Aleinu prayer which vilifies them, and then return to the conference?

The break with the Vatican is also unrelated to burning issues such as the ownership of immensely valuable Jewish manuscripts confiscated by the Vatican after pogroms. Nor is the Israeli Rabbinate concerned about a flood of anti-Semitic incitement from Catholic pulpits from Poland to Venezuela.

The rift relates to a technical decision by the Pope to rescind excommunication of a marginal fundamentalist group, one of whose members denies the Holocaust. Would the rabbis abandon their relationship with Israel because there are many Neo-Nazis here?

The Vatican has largely ignored the fulminating Jews: in response to the Chief Rabbinate’s note of protest, its director got merely a call from the Vatican’s secretary. In a goodwill gesture, the Pope expressed his solidarity with Jews.

After sixty years of indifference, the government finally got down to recording ownership claims for Jewish property left in Arab countries when 600,000 Sephardi Jews fled the Exile. The amount of property left is estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Jews still hold titles to vast real estate holdings in their former countries of residence, totaling at least 25 million acres of land.

Following the Zionist victory in Israel, Jews were expelled from all the Muslim countries. Three-thousand-year-old Jewish communities in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria were completely extinguished. Iraq, a center for Jewish learning since time immemorial, now is home to less than ten Jews. Even Muslim countries friendly to Israel, such as Morocco and Tunisia, became so inhospitable that almost all Jews emigrated from them. The young Israeli state accepted the entire burden of repatriation. Sephardi Jews left affluence—and often riches—behind in their former countries, and lived for many years in refugee camps during the period of absorption.

Various UN bodies issued hundreds of resolutions on Arab refugees from Israel, but not a single one on Jewish refugees from Arab countries. While Arab and “human rights” organizations bug Israel over the meager property of 400,000 expelled from Israel in 1948, Israel traditionally has refrained from counter-claims.

In Hebron alone, Arabs confiscated the entire Jewish quarter, hundreds of houses, after Jews fled the city of Abraham following the 1929 massacre. After conquering Judea in 1967, the Israeli government holds the real estate in trust, but has not returned even a single house to its heirs, lest the Jews come back to live in their ancient city.

The claims affair is an election trick. The Pensioners Affairs Ministry established the claims board to send a message to Sephardi voters: if you do not elect the Pensioners Party, the next government will dismantle the sinecure ministry along with its claims program.

Hillary Clinton voiced an opinion that Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel should not remain unanswered.

Easy: just allow common Israelis to build rockets and fire them back at Gaza. Jews do it better.

Finally, Jews reciprocated Chavez’s closure of the Israeli Embassy. Other nations retaliate in a day or two max, but it took Israel almost a month to impose reciprocal diplomatic sanctions on Venezuela.

Hussein Obama’s electoral platform included negotiations with Iran. Normal people like us asked a simple question: what is there to talk about if Iran insists on its right to a nuclear bomb?

Ahmadinejad’s aide welcomed America’s willingness to negotiate directly with just a few preconditions: that America withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and that it apologize to Iran. Ahmadinejad was less specific, demanding just that America withdraw its troops “from around the world” before Iran would negotiate with it.

Ahmadinejad made clear that the Iranian nuclear program is non-negotiable.

See, Obama, this world is not a Harvard classroom.

IDF fired warning shots and held a French diplomatic convoy for hours at the Gaza border after foreign diplomats engaged in their typical contemptuous behavior toward the Jewish soldiers. The French diplomats and other personnel tried to cross from Gaza into Israel without proper documents and permission.

The French summoned the Israeli Ambassador regarding the incident. For some reason, Israel has taken no action despite numerous violations of her borders by foreign diplomats.

Israel welcomed the French initiative to send a frigate to patrol Gaza’s shores.

Sderot Military Yeshiva became the first religious school in this country—and perhaps in the world—to build a rocket-proof study hall. The bunker-like building of reinforced concrete and bulletproof windows can withstand Kassam hits.

A town of reinforced kindergartens and private houses, Sderot is a monument to the government’s failure to counter the Palestinian aggression.

Rabbi David Fendel, the yeshiva founder, showed how little knowledge he has to impart to religious soldiers. He called the Kassam-proof yeshiva, “The ultimate Zionist enterprise.” On the contrary, it’s a shame for Jews to duck behind meters of concrete when rockets fall on our country. Zionists, good Jews, or any normal people, would rather do away with their enemies.

As Arab countries promised more than $2 billion to finance Gaza reconstruction, Fatah officials quickly registered foreign straw firms with construction licenses to channel the funds to. Fatah and Hamas leaders accuse each other of attempting theft.

Likely, the promised aid won’t arrive. Fatah received less than 10% of the aid promised to it a year ago at the Paris donor conference. Arab countries promise a lot, but deliver little.

But why does Gaza need billions? Hamas promised 4,000 euro per destroyed house, which is more than enough to rebuild a modest home in Gaza. At most, the cost of repairs runs to 200 million dollars.

Judge Rivlin, head of the Central Election Committee, rejected Moshe Yaalon’s petition. The ex IDF chief of staff protested against a Kadima TV ad that falsely attributed remarks to him that denigrated his fellow Likudnik Netanyahu.

According to Rivlin, electoral propaganda need not be truthful.

For sixty years, the UN Relief and Works Agency fed Palestinian refugees in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. UNRWA, a refugee aid agency, provided food to a fourth generation of refugees, people who have long since settled down and gotten jobs.

After the Gaza war, UNRWA exceeded even those loose limits and provided aid to everyone who claimed it, about 90% of Gaza’s population. UNRWA not only feeds Palestinians but gives them cash allowances so that they have plenty of free time for terrorism.

Now the Arabs have an amusement park of their own: Jews have presented them with an exhibition of their suffering. Hundreds of Arabs flocked to the memorial on its opening day to enjoy the pictures of murdered Jews. The exhibition sends Esau a clear message: just as the Germans were readmitted into the family of nations immediately after Holocaust, so the Palestinians can gain international respect by killing more Jews.

The leftists chose no other place for the exhibition than Niilin, a place of daily clashes between IDF and Arab rioters.