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Fortunately, the bomb exploded prematurely, at its maker’s home in Taibe, a town in Galilee full of loyal Israeli Bedouins.

After Israeli police arrested nine young Jews in Nazareth for trying to ward off local Arabs, nine more Jewish teens aged fourteen years and up were arrested in Tiberias for clubbing a twenty-year-old Arab with history of offenses against local Jews.

Israeli police do not normally respond to claims of Arab assaults on Jews, but they launched a massive operation to catch the Jewish kids. Numerous policemen were deployed in the area, roadblocks were set, and finally police caught the teens.

Police released Lieberman’s daughter to house arrest after she faked a medical condition. Lieberman’s other associates remain in jail.

Lieberman’s lawyer, Yoav Mani, was arrested because he allegedly interfered with the investigation. How so? Mani filed two petitions in court to prevent police from using the illegally seized documents. He also refuses to disclose to police the information he learned from Lieberman under attorney-client privilege.

Police investigate decades-old events but felt an urgent necessity to crack down on Lieberman specifically days before the elections in which he is slated for a major win. Police will probably question Lieberman himself closer to election day.

As usual, police claim to have a strong case against Lieberman. Similarly solid cases against Rabin, Sharon, Katsav, Olmert, and others went sour.

The Bank of Israel has reduced the interest rate to a symbolic 1%, making credit resources essentially free for banks. Israeli banks, though, do not need extra resources as they are flush with cash, which they refuse to loan because of the uncertain economic situation.

Bank of Israel’s attempts to inject liquidity into the markets and whip them back into business activity confront the traditional conservatism of Israeli banks and economic gloom generally.

Theoretically, ultra-cheap loans should push the companies to start mammoth infrastructure projects, boosting employment and economic activity. In reality, the immense post-socialist regulation stems business activity even in such urgent areas as water desalination and power generation.

For Arabs, gun ownership is traditionally a matter of prestige and safety. Israeli police generally refrain from interfering with the Arab habit of settling their disputes in the streets of their towns rather than in court. Though Israeli Arabs (except Druze) are practically forbidden to possess firearms, gun ownership in Arab villages is pervasive, estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

Recently, Arab clans were shooting each other with a bit too much intensity, forcing Israeli police to embark on a raid to remove illegal firearms from Arab houses in Northern Israel. The operation produced some curious findings, including IEDs and grenades.

Palestinians Arabs attacked an IDF patrol on the Israeli side of the border with Gaza. In the ensuing fight, one Israeli soldier was killed, and three were wounded.

It is unclear yet whether the ambush was the work of Hamas. The group did not promise Israel that it would cease fighting as long as border crossings remain closed.

In response, IDF units entered Gaza, and tanks and aviation shelled targets in the Palestinian-occupied territory.

Church, a municipality in the Swedish town of Lulea, set out to pleasantly remind themselves of dead Jews and planned a torchlight ceremony commemorating the Holocaust. How touching.

The event was canceled because of Israeli anti-terrorist operation in Gaza.

The Matot Arim foundation asked right-wing Knesset candidates to sign an oath rejecting a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria.

The National Union, Jewish Home, Israel Our Home, and Shas all signed the oath.

Short of Meir Porush, the United Torah Judaism Party refused the oath. For these hypocrites the giveaway of the Promised Land is no transgression.

Netanyahu the phony refused the oath, as did most of his cohorts. Among the electable Likud candidates, only Moshe Ya’alon, Yuval Steinitz, Ze’ev Elkin, Ayoub Kara, Tzipi Hotovely, Yariv Levin, and Danny Danon signed the pledge. On the other hand, Netanyahu could not take the oath for fear of grossly alienating Hussein Obama’s administration, which already opposes his election and openly supports Ehud Barak.