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The Saudis have reiterated that their peace initiative may expire. Obama has encouraged the PLO by appointing George Mitchell, an Arab, as his Middle East rep, and symbolically placed his first international calls as the US president to Abu Mazen.

Abbas got the message, and the PLO Executive Council adopted new demands for making peace with Israel: total withdrawal to the 1948 borders, which means uprooting 600,000 Jews in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem.

Samaria, and Jerusalem. The audacity of the Arabs is staggering: just days after the IDF devastated the terrorists in Gaza, their fellow terrorists in the West Bank beefed up their demands on Israel. And Jews humbly listen to them and support the PLO with money and military aid, even though that terrorist group rejects peace on any sensible terms.

On a positive note, no Israeli government can evict so many Jews. As the Palestinians have made their demands unworkable, this suicidal peace initiative is doomed.

The London Times reports on the US efforts to prevent Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Brazil from selling uranium ore to Iran on the assumption that the mullahs will run out of raw uranium.

Iran can buy uranium ore from many other places, including Niger and China. The available quantities allow Iran to produce at least three to four nuclear bombs. And the mullahs have another option: they can always stop the “peaceful power” reactor in mid-cycle and extract 20% plutonium from its 82-ton uranium load.

British health ministerThe British Health Minister slammed “Israeli authorities” for allegedly forcing the BBC to refuse to air an aid appeal for Gaza. Several other British ministers also voiced displeasure with the publicly funded media corporation rejecting a Palestinian cause.

In reality, the BBC has only refused to air free ads by questionable pro-Palestinian charities.

French marinesA French Navy frigate has sailed to Gaza, where it is somehow supposed to fight arms smuggling. Since the Israeli government funds a relatively large and equally useless Navy, why do we need French support to intercept Iranian boats?

If Sarkozy meant to show his solidarity with Israel, a better way would be to stop cuddling Abbas and Hariri.

Obama reversed Bush’s ban on federal funding for international groups that perform abortions. Can we perhaps welcome them to help Israeli Arabs?

Islamic Internet forums discuss a statement by Hamas’ top commander Hamir Ruhajan that the terrorist group imports vast quantities of weapons from Russia. Hamas indeed has arsenals of Russian rockets, but it is assumed that the group buys them on the black market.

Direct military imports to Hamas from Russia would explain an odd Russian “aid” cargo to Gaza during the recent war.

Turkish troopsIsrael and America have toyed with the idea of placing Turkish troops in the Rafah border area to stop weapons smuggling. Given IDF’s strong ties with the Turkish military, we would expect a contingent that would really fight the smugglers. Never mind that the Turks have failed to secure their own border with Kurdistan.

Egypt has refused to allow foreign troops into its territory. Hamas has rejected any solution that could end the smuggling.

Currently, Israelis and Egyptians discuss with Hamas a PR trick: Turkish monitors would replace the EU ones at Rafah terminal while the rest of the border will remain open to tunneling.
Hamas also made another “concession”: the terrorist group would allow Fatah inspectors at Rafah – but only if they are Gaza residents, thus under Hamas’ control.

Al Jazeera reports on another immense achievement: four (sic) Americans will patrol Gaza border along with Egyptians.

A twenty-year-old Arab lady was murdered near her infant daughter in a typical honor killing by our good Arab neighbors.