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Obama, AbbasThat much he said during his first visit to the State Department.
The Hussein also promised to “aggressively seek peace between Israel and Palestinians.” Orwell would have been proud: “seek peace aggressively,” huh?

Obama’s mindset surfaced in the “peace between Israel and the Palestinians.” As he mentioned Israel first, Obama places the onus on her: it is Israel that must be pushed to peace rather than the Palestinians.

Obama also called for peace between “Israel and its Arab neighbors.” The terrorist state of Syria and the Lebanon-Hezbollah duo are our enemies rather than our neighbors.

As Obama fails on his economic promises to Americans, he will make do by pushing Israel around.

Fatah Hamas cartoonAfter Hamas arrested hundreds of Fatah supporters in Gaza—killing quite a few as Israeli collaborators—Fatah responded in the West Bank with massive arrests and beatings of Hamas loyalists.

Foreign media, usually so sensitive when Israel restricts their brethren from visiting war zones, paid no attention to Fatah’s brutalities against Hamas-friendly journalists.

Jews must be crazy to seek peace with Fatah thugs.

EU aid to AbbasIsrael pleads with the EU to fund Gaza’s reconstruction before Hamas does. According to Livni, if Fatah receives European money for Gaza, it could somehow re-establish its rule there. Livni’s plan fails on several counts.

Fatah just doesn’t want control of Gaza, which is drastically different from the affluent and relatively orderly West Bank.

Even if Abbas gets the money, Hamas would control its distribution and tax the contractors and workers.

Abbas would steal the money rather than transfer it to Gaza.

Hamas doesn’t need money from Europeans or from Abbas. While Abbas pockets the grants, Iran will finance Gaza reconstruction just as it financed the reconstruction of Lebanon three years ago. By withholding money from Hamas, Livni only clears the field for Iran.

Iran buys Gaza on the cheap. The family of each Gazan dead will receive 1,000 euro; for each wounded, €500, and €4,000 per destroyed house. For an investment of less than $10 million, Iran nurtured massive goodwill among Gazans.

Barzilai hospital AshkelonA long-running dispute between Haredim and Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon took another turn as prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbis blocked the Rabbinical Court’s decision permitting the hospital to build an underground emergency room while relocating the adjacent cemetery. The court ruled, basically, that protecting the living takes precedence over guarding the dead, especially when we don’t know whether the cemetery is Jewish at all.

The dissenting rabbis argue correctly that the underground ER is not meant to save any lives because its construction would take years to complete. The rabbis fear the setting of a precedent allowing cemeteries to be moved en masse for contractors’ convenience.

The underground ER is a typical pork barrel project, justified hypocritically by the danger of rocket attacks from Gaza. Why an ER is any more likely to be hit than any kindergarten is unclear.

Iran NavyFor years, Iranian ships dropped waterproof containers full of weapons in Egyptian waters near Gaza, and Palestinian fishermen on Hamas’ payroll picked them up. Faced with a more aggressive approach by the Israeli Navy, Iran changed its tactics: it now uses submerged containers. Iranian Navy divers hook the containers to Gaza fishing boats, which drag them to Hamas.

These Iranian tactics account for the increased number of incidents between the Israeli Navy and Palestinian fishermen.

muslim marriageIsraeli media are pounding their collective chest over a story of one Galit Popok, a renegade Jewish woman who married an illegal Palestinian migrant, moved with him to Gaza, produced six children there, and ran away to Israel with three. Her husband was killed during the Gaza operation and she holds the government responsible for bringing her abandoned children to Israel.

Popok is not alone. By various estimates, ten to fifty thousand Jewish women are married to Muslims. They’re continuously abused both because they are women and because they are Jewish. Many want to escape from their husbands, but the Israeli Supreme Court has abandoned them. According to Israeli law, Muslim families fall under the jurisdiction of Sharia. Sharia proclaims children of Muslim fathers to be Muslim; these Jewish wives converted to Islam in order to marry Israeli Arabs. These children, whom Jewish law recognizes as fully Jewish, cannot leave their Muslim fathers when Jewish women finally realize they must divorce them.

For many years, Kahanists have run an informal organization that protects those women. Despite threats from the Arabs and criminal prosecution by the Israeli government, Jews enter Arab villages and forcibly remove the children to reunite them with their mothers. For years after the divorce, Kahanists guard the women, whose Arab ex-husbands often try to kill them. They have saved thousands of women and their Jewish children—and they need your donations.

Hamas arrested Israeli collaborationists

Besides a routine crackdown on Fatah, Hamas arrested and executed dozens of Israeli spies.

In the Gaza operation, Israel relied on extensive intelligence about booby-trapped houses and configuration of minefields.

Israel is notoriously careless about her spies and collaborators. During the Intifada, Fatah executed hundreds of them in the West Bank, including Israeli-installed mayors. Even when spies are endangered, Israel rarely allows them safe haven, and their families even more rarely. Shabak acts not out of wanton cruelty, but rather realizes that the collaborators are real scum whom we don’t want in Israel.

Palestinian Arabs riot in HebronThousands of Palestinians attacked Israeli police in Hebron, attempting to march into the Jewish quarter. The Arabs hurled firebombs into the very soldiers who saved them from Jewish vengeance two months ago during the Beit HaShalom disturbances.

Hebron remains a Hamas stronghold despite a reported Fatah crackdown. In truth, the crackdown mostly affected Palestinian dissidents, journalists, and the businesses that refuse protection money to Fatah.

The US-trained Fatah police chose not to intervene in the Hebron riots.

Gaza smuggling tunnel - IDFThe Israeli government has approved a fake cooperation plan with Egypt.

Joint intelligence gathering. No intelligence is needed to realize that more or less every house on both sides of Rafah is involved in smuggling. What is needed is the will to break into the houses and search them routinely.

Tunnel detection technology. Why employ expensive and unreliable equipment instead of house searches?

Roadblocks in Sinai. It is impossible to set effective checkpoints on a huge peninsula where Bedouins are many and Egyptian policemen are few; where Bedouins move cargo on camels through dunes and police drive on roads.

The agreement doesn’t include the only efficient measure to stop smuggling: a five-mile-wide no-pass zone on Rafah’s border. Tunneling such a distance is impossible, and smuggling through minefields is difficult.